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Offer: Slip-covered sofa (Georgetown) - Crate and Barrel Slip-covered twin potomac sleeper. Has two 2 slipcovers. One in white (show in picture) which is well worn and another in green that is barely used. Sleep sofa has one spring at end that is comes loose at times but works O.K. MUST pick up this week before Friday AM (4/3) and must be able to move sofa from residence without assistance from owner. White slipcover will be washed in chlorine bleach before pick up but no household members are known to be sick (just good to be cautious).
Offer: decorative balls for bookshelf (Rhode Island Ave 20018) - two crate and barrel decorative sculpture balls
Offer: Wok (Dupont Circle) - Never used but needs a good cleaning.
Offer: Mr Brown’s formula pitcher (Dupont) - Hardly used. Great for making pitchers of formula and comes with a lid that also stirs it well. Offer: Series of books: science, lit (Dupont) - We have found two very nice old series of books. One is a science set, including planets, etc. The other is more literary, witches, mythology, etc. Older but very nice with pictures. Offer: Hangars (Columbia Heights) - Plastic and wire hangers
Request: citrus juicer - manual (N. Cap & NH Ave) - Looking for a simple juicer for my preschooler to use (and stay occupied!). Like this one but open to others: Offer: 8 foot couch (Petworth) - Forest green with specs of deep red. Seats three comfortably and great for sleeping, lounging.Good condition. Some wear on the right bottom from cat scratching. Pillows cleaned and bagged and couch vacuumed. Now outside and ready for pick up by whoever wants it.
Offer: Packing peanuts (Columbia Heights) (20001) - Box of packing peanuts. Easy porch pickup in Columbia Heights Neighborhood. Please indicate day and time and I’ll send exact address. Thanks!
Offer: Plastic bags (Columbia Heights) (20001) - Bag of miscellaneous plastic bags. Easy porch pickup in Columbia Heights Neighborhood. Please indicate day and time and I’ll send exact address. Thanks!
Request: tv stand (Hyattsville) - I really need a tv stand for a tv no larger than 45”. It was gifted to us and it’s the only one we have, but it’s currently on the floor as we have nothing to stand it on Offer: Oven roasting rack (North Cleveland Park) - unused, includes removable wire rack
Offer: Misc vases (Dupont) - Misc vases. Will leave outside in Logan/DuPont for pick up. Offer: VTech Electronics (Takoma DC) - The “computers” were passed on to me and I never got around to figuring out how they worked. Don’t know if additional cords are required? Maybe you’ll have better luck? - VTech pink Nitro Web Notebook - VTech purple Nitro Notebook For younger child, V-Tech “tablet”. Needs a new battery, but otherwise was a favorite of our child. All items have been in the basement for months waiting to be donated. I will wipe down and place outside for porch pick up.
Offer: mTower laptop stand (Cleveland Park) - From rain design. Originally worked with MacBook Pro from 5+ yrs ago. Jeff
Offer: Got them: March 28 Washington Post Obituary section - Thank you Freecycle community! I was able to get enough copies of the obituary to share with family members. I appreciate you all so much. Stay safe, everyone! Kathy Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: > From: Kathy McIndoe <> > Date: March 28, 2020 at 1:40:40 PM EDT > To: Bowie <> > Subject: Wanted: March 28 Washington Post Obituary section > > We got out too late to get today’s newspaper. Does anyone have a copy they are willing to part with? We only need the obituary section. We need four copies. We would prefer to pick up from near our home which is located off of High Bridge Road. > > Thank you! > > Kathy > Sent from my iPhone Offer: Canon Copier PC940 (old) (Cleveland Park) - Recently, started to jam a bit recently on the paper feed, but otherwise has been reliable. Good cartridge installed. Needs some TLC to alleviate the jamming issue. Jeff
Offer: Two piece soap dish (Cleveland Park) - Matte silver finish Jeff
Offer: IKEA deskpad (Cleveland Park) - Tan (see pic) 28“ wide 20” tall 3/4 inch lip hugs edge of desk, no slipping around
Offer: Kid’s ski helmet, small (Cleveland Park) - Probably fits 9 to 12 yr old. GoPro mount (see pic) Jeff
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Offer: Semi-Dormant Tulip Poplar Trees (Brookland, Washington DC) - Several semi-dormant tulip poplar tree saplings - great native trees for pollinators. Tulip tree honey is amazing. Trees are 1- 3 feet tall and easy to dig. They have shallow roots. In uncertain times, plant a tree! Offer: Desktop accessories (Cleveland Park) - File folder holders, pencil cups
Offer: IKEA under desk bracket 4 computer (Cleveland Park) - Sturdy shelf supports large computer or UPS. All parts included. See pics.
Offer: Treegators (2) (NW DC near Zoo) (Cleveland Park) - For saplings. Brown, 30” diameter. Used. 1 yr old. Jeff Request: Groceries (NE - near Mt. Rainer) - **Delete if not allowed** Looking for help during the coronavirus crisis! I have a one, and two year old and also expecting another at the end of April. I have been out of work for a month now because I am considered "high risk" in this pandemic. I've exhausted all my funds(savings included) to last me this long. I am sitting, waiting on my unemployment now. But as I was notified there is a error in their system which is taking a lot longer to be resolved than they originally thought. (If you filed, you know the wait...) I am wondering if anyone had groceries they'd like to hand off. Milk, cereal, snacks, meats, sides, drinks etc to help put food on my table for my family temporary that would be so generous and thoughtful... A little goes a long way and honestly I would appreciate anything right now... I've never asked for this type of help but I am honest to God so desperate right now. I know I'm not alone in all of this, and when I'm able to I look forward to paying it forward as well.... PLEASE if anyone is willing to help, reach out!!! God bless you and your family with health, stability and safety through this pandemic. Thank you for your time. Offer: Lots of Gameinformer & WWE magazine (DC) - Lots of old magazines if anyone wants them
Offer: Dustbuster (Dupont) - Not same brand but same idea. Scorpion brand. Have a second one around here that does pet hair as well. Can take one or both. Will wipe down and leave outside. Logan/Dupont Offer: Seven DVD's with nearly two dozen movies - See list - Most of these movies were made from broadcasts of TCM, STARZ, HBO and others. Some may have commercials(but very few). Most disks are +RW and can be erased and re-used. Two are +R and cannot be re-used. Please take all. Also please provide your pick up plans in your response. Zedic Whitehall section 187) Miscellaneous Movies – (+RW) A) “Let The Good Times Roll” – 1950’s era Rock and Roll actualfilm footage B) “Desert Bandit” – 1947 – Don “Red” Barry C) “The Strawberry Roan” – 1948 – Gene Autry 190) Miscellaneous Movies – (+R) A) “Swingtime” – 1936 – Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers B) “The Indian Fighter” – 1955 – Kirk Douglas, Walter Mathau, LonChaney C) “Ghost Ranch” – Gene Autry – From TV 202) Miscellaneous Westerns – (+RW) A) “The Oxbow Incident” – 1943 – Henry Fonda B) “White Hat, Silver Screen” – 2007 – Gene Autry Special C) “It Happened Tomorrow” – 1941 – Dick Powell 210)Miscellaneous Movies – (+RW) A)“Moon Over Miami” – 1941 – Don Ameche, Betty Grable, Robert Cummings B)“Babes In Arms” – 1939 – Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland 47) Miscellaneous Movies - +R A) “Both BarrelsBlazing” – 1945 - Charles Starrett as The Durango Kid; w/Ted Harding B) “Blazing The WesternTrail” – 1945 - Charles Starrett as The Durango Kid C) “Lawless Empire” –1945 - Charles Starrett as The Durango Kid D) “Cinderfella” – 1988– Jerry Lewis, Anna Maria Alberghetti E) “Charro” – 1968 –Elvis Presley (See also DVR 04,13,16,53,154,155,173,178,214) F) “The Boys of Summer”– 1983 G) “How The Grinch StoleChristmas” – 1966 – Boris Karloff narrates 204) MiscellaneousMovies – (+RW) A) “The Trail of KitCarson” – 1945 – Allen “Rocky” Lane B) “Cow Town” – 1950 –Gene Autry C) “The Story ofAlexander Graham Bell” – 1939 – Don Ameche, Loretta Young, Henry Fonda 206) MiscellaneousMovies – (+RW) A) “WALL - E” – 2007 – Animation B) “The Man From Laramie” – 1955 – James Stewart, ArthurKennedy Offer: Wood Burning Stove (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - Wood burning stove. In working order. Uses wood. (Don't know if it can take pellets.). On rollers. Weighs approximately 300 pounds. Will need to move yourself.
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Request: Household items (Hyattsville) - hello! I’ve previously made a post asking for furniture and other household items. I wanted to start by saying thank you to those who have helped us so far! I appreciate all of you! We only have a few things left that we really need (I'm posting now hoping people may find some of these items they're looking to get rid of, and when COVID has calmed down, we can organize pick up then). We still really need: -a tv stand for a tv thats no larger than 50 inches. It was given to us, i'm not sure the exact size, but it's currently just on the floor and we'd love some kind of long table or stand. -a dining set and utensils and cups -swiffer/broom/clean-up materials Thank you in advance everyone! *i know the location is Hyattsville, but we’re willing to drive, and my family and friends are in the Annapolis area