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Request: Air puirifier (Sarnia ontario) Request: Old newspapers (Shelby Twp) - I’m looking for a large amount of old newspaper for my garden. Anybody have old stacks they want to get rid of? Offer: Mr and Mrs Santa Claus (Shelby Township) - Mr and Mrs Claus will brighten any spot you put them. Mrs Claus needs a spot of glue by her left arm. Otherwise good condition.
Offer: Santa jovial face (Shelby Township) - This cute Santa face made mostly of yarn will hang anywhere. Also included are four bags of Christmas artificial snow! Good condition.
Offer: Christmas Cuteness (Shelby Township) - Three adorable Christmas skaters, a Santa teddy bear, an adorable little deer and small round snowman. Will sit anywhere you need a spot of cuteness! Good condition.
Offer: Gold Roping (Shelby Township) - Fancy gold roping, four pieces of varying lengths. Good condition.
Offer: Silver Bells (Shelby Township) - Large silver bells for decorating, 12 in all, plus 2 lovely turquoise bells for a special accent. Good condition.
Offer: Kissing Clauses (Shelby Township) - You will love Mr and Mrs Claus kissing. Ceramic pair can be moved into any position. Good condition.
Offer: Christmas lovables (Shelby Township) - Miss Piggy is heavy bottomed so will stand anywhere. Snoopy Christmas dog is irresistible. Christmas elf is perfect for any spot. You will love this polar bear masquerading as a reindeer as well as the little Christmas teddy bear. Good condition.
Offer: Little Christmas Trees (Shelby Township) - Gold and red reflective Christmas trees only approximately 12” tall, together with a gold birds nest and two red eggs. Christmas trees just right for brightening a kitchen counter. Gold birds nest can be tucked in anywhere. Good condition.
Offer: Silver Wreath (Shelby Township) - Beautiful silver wreath with pieces of small reflective squares to double the effect. Good condition.
Offer: Decorative Candles (Shelby Township) - Lovely decorative pedestal candles together with some bases to hold candles. Good condition.
Offer: Here’s Santa! (Shelby Township) - You will love this Santa, approximately 12” tall. Has a battery compartment and when activated Santa dances. Please note not sure this is still working. Otherwise good condition.
Offer: Fancy Gold Roping (Shelby Township) - Gorgeous gold roping to decorate your bannister, your Christmas tree, or any other place that needs a touch of gorgeous. Good condition.
Offer: Tabletop holiday decoration (Shelby Township) - Lovely tabletop holiday decoration with artificial fruit and faux greenery. Good condition.
Offer: Angels in faux greenery (Shelby Township) - Two identical pieces to decorate your garage lights or brighten an outdoor spot for the holidays. Each has an adorable cherub tucked into faux greenery. Good condition.
Request: boy clothing/diapers (Fenton) - 12 month and larger Diapers size 4 & larger Request: dresser (Lansing) - I lost almost all of my things through several recent moves and losing my storage unit and am in dire need of a dresser for my clothes! Any sizes shapes or color, just something anything would be well appreciated!!! Request: Trampoline / Swingset (22/23 & Romeo plank/card) - ISO some outdoor fun for my 3 boys!!! Would love a trampoline and/or swingset for them to burn some of their crazy energy off! Move into our new home on Oct 15th. Request: Girl room furniture (West side) - I will be getting custody of two little (3&5 years old)girls next month and need to have a room prepared for them. Beds, dressers and anything else to make them as comfortable as possible. Thanks in advance Offer: Live cedar tree (West side of Lansing) - Live cedar tree in the ground by m condo, approx. 8 feet tall. Free to anyone who wants to come and dig it up and plant it in your own yard. If not claimed by Monday the 14th of October I will be cutting it down. You can email me at if you're interested. Request: Dark Green Paint (Commerce (M-5 x RichardSon Rd)) - need Dark Green like Hunter Green Paint. need to paint some letters on a wood sign.
Request: Baby Boy Stuff (Fenton, Mi) - I’m having a baby in three weeks and my whole pregnancy I was told I was having a girl only to find out I’m having a boy. Single mom moved here from California and now I really have nothing for him and have had a hard time getting things already. Request: refrigerator and beds (Flint) - In need of frides and a twin bed and full or queen matresses Offer: Roof panels (Genoa Twp, Livingston County) - Used pale blue opaque plastic roof panels. I have about 10-8 foot long and some 6 foot long. About 30” wide. Will need to be cleaned were on a roof under a tree. Off Chilson between crooked Lake Road and Beck. Offer: Classy Brassy Fireplace Doors (22 Mile & Hayes) - Brass and glass and mesh curtain spark screen. 44.5” wide by 31.5” tall overall. Door opening approximately 36” wide by 17.5 tall. Vent opening below doors. I’ll provide address and pickup instructions to first serious response.
Offer: drainage pipe (auburn hills) - about 20 ft ish.. free pickup only.
Request: Half cans of paints (Brights Grove) - Any colour of paint for crafts Request: beer can pull tabs w/crown cut outs (Davisburg (nr.Andersonville Rd) - Red "King of beers" Budweiser can pop tabs with crown shaped cutouts for a craft project. I'm allergic to beer so we can't buy it. Our severly differently abled young adult teen & I are making a very special holiday gift for their dad Request: Bankers boxes & moving boxes (Haslett) - Good condition, sturdy, vlean