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Request: Family in need of Household goods (Gardner) - Young family looking for household goods. We are in need of a working washer and dryer, hopefully something that could last us a few years. We also are in need of furniture such as living room and bedroom furniture (couch, dressers, coffee/end tables, etc.) Any kitchen supplies such as pots and pans, cooking utensils, even small appliances if possible (microwave,toaster, coffee maker, etc.) We would appreciate anything possible even if its empty picture frames or decorations. Any spare Christmas decorations would be greatly appreciated as well considering the holidays are coming up. Thank you for taking the time to read this and in advance for anything you may have. Offer: 2 Drawer Filing cabinet (Mission KS) - Tan with file inserts.
Request: dead lithium ion battery packs (N Kansas Ave & NE 46 St) - Looking to start a diy power wall. Could use some help with batterys. Any dead laptop battery, or lithium ion drill battery pack, overboard battery. Any dead lithium ion battery pack will due . They contain a few 18650 cells in the pack that are normally still good, that are still good only if extracted. . Thank you much for ur time. Offer: Scrap material {KU Med Area - Gonna try this one more time before trash day— I have 2 bags of material scraps, leftovers from sewing projects the pieces are big enough to make doll clothes or other small crafts. There is also a pile of beanie baby size stuffed animals that I took the stuffing out of (bodies only not the heads) for a project that I never finished. Request: Working washing machine and dryer (Independence) - Spouse left and cleaned out house. Looking for any working shape of washer and dryer. Not working now. Grateful for anything you might have. Offer: Entertainment center (Buckner, MO) - Large entertainment center, good condition.
Offer: scrap material, wrapping paper, craft stuff, antique mirror stand {KU Med area - 2 bags of scrap material, plus misc other craft stuff 4 rolls Christmas wrapping paper, 1 birthday paper antique wood stand for mirror. Request: Holiday / Christmas fabric (Prairie Village, KS) - Hi. I’m making crafts and am in need of seasonal fabric for decorating Christmas sweaters. Also doing Hanukkah ones. I’m happy to drive some to pick it up. It doesn’t matter the style: fun, traditional, gaudy... I’m interested in it all. Thanks. Offer: Women’s 3X clothing (South east Bonner Springs) - Many things, pant suits heavy shirts Offer: Iris plants - 64117 - I thinned out my iris beds and have lots of tubers to share. The iris are in colors of lavender, yellow, white, pink, purple and a couple of the old-fashioned color combinations. They're all mixed together so it's kind of a potluck as to what colors you'll get. If you get them planted before the ground freezes, there's a good chance they'll bloom next year. Let me know if you're interested. Offer: twin mattress & box spring (Tumbleweed Drive) - decent condition, from a non-smoking, pet-free home Just now put out at the curb at 214 Tumbleweed Dr Offer: APEX DT504 Digital TV Convrt (Olathe, KS) - We have an APEX DT504 Digital TV Converter. It was working several years ago when we used it last. Comes with a remote, short cable TV connector, AV (red, white, yellow) cord. Here are instructions for a model close to this one: Offer: Moving Boxes and Packing materials (159th and Hwy 69) - 15-20 moving boxes of various sizes. Bubble wrap and Packing paper. Overall excellent condition. Request: Broda Chair Special Needs (Kansas City) - Looking for broda chair similar to one in the picture for a special needs classroom.
Request: dead laptop or dead drill batterys (N Kansas Ave & NE 46 St) - Looking to start a diy power wall. Could use some help with batterys. Any dead laptop battery, or lithium ion drill battery pack will due . they contain a few 18650 batterys in the pack that are still good, that are still good if extracted . thankyou Request: Boys sz M (Basehor) - I'm looking for clothes for my son. Jeans and pants for winter. It's hard to find clothes second hand for boys because they are so rough on them. Request: Feeder mouse (pinky) small (Leavenworth, KS close2 Library) - Need a feeder mouse (pinky)/baby mouse to feed what I am pretty sure is a Dwarf Boa snake. Strangest thing is I live on a 2nd floor Apt. Picture of it in case anyone can tell me different for sure of it's specie's. I won't have any means/income on hand till next Wed. 23rd of this month and he/she looks like it hasn't eaten in quite a while. Gave it water for now. Boas won't eat insects (so before i'm inundated w/that suggestion) and I'd really like to keep it as I loved catching and raising snakes when I was very young and now retired i've got plenty of time to do it again. Any help would be very appreciated.
Offer: Women’s 3X clothing (South east Bonner Springs) - Many things, pant suits heavy shirts Request: Cool mist humidifier (Basehor) - Any in working order. Offer: Exercise equipment (Leawood,ks) - Working/good condition... Treadmill and Total Gym. Treadmill folds for transport.
Offer: Basketball stand (Leawood,ks) - Needs backboard and hoop.
Offer: Console TV Working (Leawood, kd) - Great condition. 35 in. Screen. Total size is 38"w x 38.5"h x 23" d.
Offer: Leather sofa bed (85th&Antioch overland park) - 90×36×32inches Middle cushion has some tears but still life left. Great for a basement/ kids area Must haul away yourself
Offer: Toilet, Used (Overland Park) - Toilet, used, white porcelain, good shape, no cracks or chips. Complete with tank contents and slow-closing seat. 11" rough-out (I know that can't be right, but that is what it measured. So probably is 12") 24" from wall to end of base. 15" from floor to top of bowl. Elongated bowl. I just finished cleaning and hosing it down. Come and get it. Offer: Houseplants, 64117 - I have several large houseplants that I would like to pass on to someone who would love them. They’re very healthy and have gotten quite big after sitting outside all summer. I have a schefflera, a dieffenbachia, a parlor palm (about 5’ tall), two peace lilies, a Norfolk pine, a corn plant, an Angel Wing begonia, a small fern and a prayer plant. Let me know if you’re interested. Offer: VCR tapes, 64117 - I have a bag full of VCR tapes and wanted to see if anyone is interested before throwing them away. These are mostly classics like Gone with the Wind and My Fair Lady. There are about 20 tapes. Let me know if anyone is interested. Offer: many items, including costumes, Christmas decor, Spiderman hat, etc.: 64151, 5 minutes southwest of Metro North - I will be taking a load of things to the thrift shop Angel's Attic at about 71st and N. Broadway, but will give away items here first if anyone wants them. I uploaded to this group some photos to an album called "Miscellaneous items," but it wouldn't accept all of them, and the ones it did accept are oriented incorrectly. Here are some of the things I have to offer: 1. Barbie ballerina tree ornament. Looks good, but her feet are missing. This is not obvious because she is wearing a long tutu skirt. 2. Cute little Rudolph made from a small log and sticks plus a red fluffy ball for a nose. 3. Women's sunglasses with case. 4. Spiderman winter hat. 5. Cherub mobile. 6. Pink dragon (or dinosaur) costume for a child. 7. Shaggy orange pillow. 8. Several bags of various types - gym, satchel, soft luggage for child. 9. Ball caps and visors - some have never been worn, a couple of them are Coca Cola caps. 10. Christmas card holder that spells out the word NOEL with four main pockets with some subdivisions and with dangling ribbons with jingle bells attached. You hang it on the wall and put your Christmas cards in the pockets. 11. Manual ice shaver for making snow cones. 12. Clown costume for small child. 13. Plain brown blanket. 14. Teddy bear on rocking horse that rocks as music box plays. 15. Various scarves, gloves, and mittens. 16. Pink Power Ranger costume for small child. The gloves have plastic boxes inside that each take 3 button batteries, but I got this from a friend probably 20 years ago and forgot I had it. My daughters never wore the costume, so I don't know for sure what the gloves do if you put batteries in them or even if they still work, but I assume they make some kind of sound. I don't see any lights on them. There is no mask or helmet, which is probably a good idea since that would obscure the vision of a child and create a hazard. 17. Twin sheets that don't fit our new 14 inch mattress. I'll probably end up with some other things to toss into the mix before long. I have been washing the clothing items, bedding, bags, and caps/visors, either in the washing machine or by hand. We are a non-smoking household. We don't currently have pets, but we have had dogs in the past, and we take care of dogs for friends when they are going out-of-town, so this is not a pet-free household if that matters to you due to allergies. Margie and Bill Offer: Miscellaneous - 64117 - I've been cleaning out and have several things to offer - Dressmaker's Dummy - it's a little dusty from sitting in the corner of my sewing room but is still usable. All adjustments appear to be functioning. Changing Table - I got it to make into extra storage for my kitchen but have decided I don't need it. It's complete and just needs some new paint and TLC to make it usable. With a cushion it could even be used as originally intended. Metal table and chairs - It needs painted but the glass top of the table is in good shape. There are only 3 chairs and they need new seats but are otherwise in good shape. Let me know if you are interested. Offer: Flowers - 64117 - I've been thinning out plants in my flower garden and have lots of plants to share. I have coneflowers, daylilies, Japanese iris and Asiatic lilies ready for planting in your garden. Let me know if there is any interest. Request: lithium ion batterys. (N Kansas Ave & NE 46 St) - Looking to start a diy tesla power wall. Could use some help with batterys. Any dead laptop battery, or lithium ion drill battery pack will due . they contain a few that are still good if extracted . thankyou