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Request: Nets (Crewkerne) - About a 42 in drop please, can cycle if local Offer: Magazine files (Axminster) - 5 of them. Colours as per photo.
Request: Hazel nut plants (Staplegrove TA2) - Hello everyone. I am looking for two hazelnut plants please - the sort you find in hedges rather than ornamental witch hazel or twisted hazel. I dont want huge trees but rather small seedling or pieces of an established bush or hedge where it has naturally layered. They are to go into two very large pots to provide a little bit of shade and to attract a bit more wildlife into my garden. I can dig them up myself - you wouldn't even have to get your hands dirty Do you have any please? thank you so much Kindest regards Jean Request: Geranium cutting (Staplegrove TA2) - Do you have any overwintered geraniums that I could have a cutting from please? I dont really grow flowers in my garden. I prefer plants that I can eat and I grow lots and lots of vegetables. However, I have developed an odd hankering for a geranium plant to put in a pot by my garden bench where I have my cup of tea I really dont mind what colour it is or if it is upright or trailing. It doesnt need to be a full and proper plant. I can take a cutting providing your plant has a side shoot. Do you have a cutting I could have please? Thank you very much kindest regards Jean Offer: baby wetsuit shoes (Staplegrove TA2) - These baby wetsuit shoes are still in their sealed bag. They are Surfit by Jakabel and they came from Tony Pryce Sports They are Blue Camo to fit 6-12mnth and they are so dinky.
Offer: Craft (Staplegrove TA2) - I have many silks and embroidery items to give away including some unopened cross stitch pictures. Offer: Sewing machine (Staplegrove TA2) - I have a Toyota sewing machine. It sees straight, zig-zag and back stitches. It has other stitches as well but would need attention for them to work again. For any ordinary sewing it works well. There are a number of accessories as well. Lorna Offer: 14 unused wall/floor tiles (Exeter, Beacon Heath area) - Grey speckled design, 30cm x 30cm. Collection only please.
Request: Titan pole saw for parts (Withycombe EX8) - I have a Titan extending electric pole saw (TTB426GDO) with a chewed up drive gear - otherwise all fine. I would be very grateful if anyone could suggest where I might be able to find a replacement gear - or a dead pole saw that I could salvage the gear from or a cheap pole saw/pruner. Photo shows what the chewed up gear looks like.
Request: Men shoes (Crewkerne) - Size 8 please or trainers Request: Microwave (Crewkerne) - Local or on a bus/ trAin route please Request: Electric guitar strings (Crewkerne) - Used please, to test a guitar I ve been given Request: Garden strimmer (Crewkerne) - Can anyone help me with a strimmer please Offer: Air hockey table (EX2) - Been sat in the garage for years and having a clean out. Havent plugged it in but if anyone wants it go for it. Shall leave this up for a few days then smash it up if nobody is interested
Offer: FLIGHT magazines...1940's (chard) - Wide variety and quantity for the enthusiast. If interested i can give you more information ...
Offer: Top soil (Taunton TA2 Kingston St Mary) - Top soil over from building project Doesn’t look great but useful for filling in etc
Offer: Offcuts from roofing battens (Taunton TA2 Kingston St Mary) - Various offcuts left over from building profect Some oak bits Could be used for a fire pit, den etc
Request: Carpets (Dorset) - I am in desperate need for carpets to fit to rooms. 20sqm and 15sqm Offer: Garden Swing (Moolham TA19) - Garden swing, now dismantled for transport. There is no rot, but the seat mortise and tenon joints have dried out and need re gluing with a strong wood glue. A fairly simple DIY project. 8 joints in all to do. Pickup from Ilminster.
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Offer: Multi section frying pan (Axminster) - Non-stick square pan that's divided into sections. Ideal for cooking all your fry-up items at the same time... but separately. Used once only since I bought it. Offer: Standard Lamp (Dawlish) - Metal construction with white glass bowl shade. Dia 35 x Ht 177 cm. The metal has slight tarnishing and small rust spots in places, so could do with a bit of attention. Might look good painted black. Recipient must collect from Dawlish.
Offer: Pine blanket box (Dawlish) - Solid wood with hinged lid. W90 x D44 x H50 cm. Very good condition with just some minor scratching visible close up. Suitable project for painting etc. Recipient must collect from Dawlish.
Offer: Pair of dining chairs (Dawlish) - Cream colour, faux leather upholstry with oak legs. One is in excellent condition, the other unfortunately has a split in the seat cover. Someone who is handy at leatherwork could probably get a fresh piece of material and fix it. Fire regs labels attached. Recipient must collect from Dawlish.
Offer: Single Radiator W80 x H60 cm (Dawlish) - White single central-heating rad, single panel with top grille and convection fins to rear. Brackets included. W 80 x H 60 x D 6 cm. Recipient must collect from Dawlish
Request: Strip light (Drimpton DT8) - Hello, has anyone got either a 4' or 5' working electric strip light that they no longer require that I could fit in my garage????? Many thanks. Offer: Two vintage dolls (Staplegrove TA2) - Please can anyone give a home to these two vintage dollies? They were mine from the '60s. My daughter never really played with them and my grand-daughter thinks they are just OLD and wants nothing to do with them. I can't take them down the charity shop and I draw the line at throwing them away. The dark-haired one is called Rosie and the red-haired one is called little Jeannie after me. Please, anybody?
Request: short handled coal shovel (Staplegrove TA2) - Does anyone have a short-handled shovel they no longer need please? Im busy trying to put my garden across to being a no-dig plot and that involves putting a lot of compost and horse muck on the beds. I have managed so far with my trusty trowel but, as my friendly neighbour pointed out, the job would be so much easier and faster with a shovel. Im looking for the type that we used to shovel coal with when we all had open fires long long ago. I don't really have many time restrictions and could come and collect at almost any time to suit you thank you Jean Request: Wheel barrow (Staplegrove TA2) - Does anyone have an old wheelbarrow that they no longer use, please? Anyone who has read my previous requests will know that I am busy putting my garden across to being a no-dig plot. I'm doing really well but it is a slow process involving carrying large quantities of compost and horse muck around. A wheelbarrow would really help to speed up the process and might stop me from having to stop for a cup of tea every 5 minutes. I'm not getting any younger and my poor old back ( shoulders, arms, legs, and knees) are feeling the strain Do you have one that I could have, please? many thanks and kind regards Jean Offer: 3 glass lined Thermos flasks (Staplegrove TA2) - I have two small thermos flasks and 1 large thermos flask on offer. They are all glass-lined and work very well. I think they are all by Thermos. The large red one definitely is. One of the small ones is marked Aladin which I think is a Thermos name and the other one is identical except it isn't marked Aladin. They are quite a few years old and have been in storage for a long time so they will need a good wash. They can either all go together or I don't mind splitting them thanks Jean
Offer: Quicksilver cleaning plate (Staplegrove TA2) - This quicksilver plate is used to clean metal - usually silver. You put it in a bowl with some washing soda, put the item on top, pour boiling water over it, and the soda reacts with the aluminium plate and pulls the tarnish off the item you are cleaning. I have used it successfully with solid silver items but I have never tried it with any other type of metal. Anybody interested? kindest regards Jean