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Offer: child's snow suit (Old Hull) - Child's snowsuit Pants will need to be re-patched at the knees but they kept him warm and dry when the snow wasn't super wet. Size 5 Jacket Size 6. Has rip front bottom left. This was a very warm jacket. Lining is down and feathers. Added extra cuffs.
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Offer: large picture frame (Old Hull) - 34.5" x18.5" picture frame. One edge of the decorative glass (right side in photo) has come off but just needs to be glued back on. Pick up near the museum of history.
Offer: Rolling cot (K1Y 0V9) - Its a single size rolling cot for pick up only on Huron Ave North near Scott street.
Offer: Sliding doors (Albion & Johnston) - 86.5” x 26.5” No hardware just the doors
Offer: Skis Poles and Boots (Hunt Club/McCarthy K1V 9H9) - I know it is not the season for skiing, but it is a time for downsizing. These skis and boots are in very good condition, only ever used for a couple of seasons. French Dynastar Anthea 3.1 T.189 Skis Salomon Boots (women's size 9, EU 26.0) Salomon Bindings. Kerma Vector poles
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Request: Globe of World (Near Bayshore & Queensway ramp) - Looking for a globe of the world on stand that will be placed on a desk. I'm a senior that needs one that clearly identifies each country and large enough so that I can read the locations.. ing (I'm 70) . Offer: Tea, Black Tea lg. bag (Almonte (Dwyer Hill Area)) - I have a large bag of black tea to give away. Was a gift but do not drink tea. Offer: Large L-shaped corner planter (Gatineau) - Large L-Shaped planter bed. Walls are 4x4 Dimensions: One side length 6ft 2nd length 5.5ft Width 2ft Height (short)~2ft
Request: Wallpaper (Westboro, lions park) - Hi. I'm looking for a partial roll of wallpaper with large red flowers on it and a light background or anything with a bold pattern on it. Thank you in advance. Request: Bean poles or garden stakes (Orleans, ON) - Do you have any extra unwanted Garden stakes or wooden/bamboo garden poles. I can really use them for my pole climbing beans.I just need a couple of poles as I do not have quite enough for all my bean plants that sprouted with a 95% success rate which was a total surprise. Thank you for your consideration! Request: Cuckoo clock or anniversary clock (Kanata area) - I would love to find a cuckoo or anniversary clock that is no longer wanted. It’s very relaxing listening to the tick tic of the cuckoo clock or watching the weights turn on the anniversary clock. If you no longer want yours, I’d be happy to take care of it for you :) Offer: Tins for projects and baking (Kenson Park) - Gift giving etc... Still available.
Offer: Baby maples (Aylmer near Front and Eardley.) - Many little maple trees. Size from small to 3 1/2 feet. Dig it up and it is yours.
Request: Slide Projector (Barrhaven) - Preferably for rectangular trays of slides, but a carrousel type would be good also. Thanks so much. Phone 613-581-3061. Will pick it up. Request: Two large/tall empty planters (kanata) - Preferably black, for entranceway at hospice. Can pick up Request: Two large planters (kanata) - Preferably black, for entranceway at hospice Offer: Portable Dishwasher (Nepean) - Hasn't been used in just over a year. worked last time we used it. No longer needed. Last claim did not pick it up.
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Offer: Large L-shaped corner planter/bed (Gatineau) - Large L-Shaped planter bed. Walls are 4x4 Dimensions: One side length 6ft 2nd length 5.5ft Width 2ft Height (short)~2ft Height (tall) 2ft Request: Tower style Computer for research (Manordale) - I`m looking for a free giveaway of an old tower style computer with a pentium or better processor so I can install Windows XP and multiple device drives to run some older software and do research in mycology on a a budget. Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance. Request: Bread Machine Manual (Hawthorne Meadows) - I am looking for a manual for a Sony Bread Factory Plus machine, Model SBM-20. Request: Universal Remote Control (Orleans) - If anyone happens to have a Universal Remote Control collecting dust we would greatly appreciate it, Thank you Offer: Reminder (Butternut St. (Aylmer)) - I replied to someone's request post 2 days ago but my replies seem to have landed in this person's spam folder. Please check your spam folder. Offer: Non slip material for under rug (Barrhaven) - Has been in storage for a few years. 102” x 68” - would work under a rug that’s 9’x6’.
Request: white bleedingheart (N St L Blvd) - will gladly come to dig a string-looped section or flagged division you indicate from safe distance, or come to collect a porch pickup. Thank you Request: 20 to 40 gallons (3) and 100g prop (Kingston est or ouest) - I am searching for propane tank to repurpose them. 20 to 40 gallons size and one 100g. The smaller one would need to be in decent shape. I don't care for suface rusting or scratch. However they need to be olding pressure, no perforation. The big one will be used to make an oven... Request: clean altoids tin rectangular (Kingston est or ouest) - I am searching for multiple tin to build small electronic project in it... Request: Juicer (shakespeare & park) - I'm looking for a well aware this is a shot in the dark, but thought I'd try anyway. Needed for nutrition after suffering a heart attack. Thank you Request: Cookbook (Alta Vista) - LF: Jamie Oliver 30 min meals. Anyone have that hiding in their bookshelf not being used?! Thx. Offer: Basketball hoop (Kanata (Kanata (Katimavik)) - Metal, orange. Just the hoop, no net.
Offer: 4 tier metal filing cabinet (Nepean, Merivale area) - metal, 4 tier filing cabinet. 20 years old. In good condition. Can have folding hangers as well. Must be able to take up from basement.