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Request: Kombucha scoby (Romsey Ward CB1) - Looking for a kombucha starter/scoby, as mine died while I was away during lock down! Request: Pond plants (Queen Edith's Ward CB2) - Have just renovated our old pond but we have no plants or anything to disguise the plastic edges. Can collect if anyone is clearing out their pond. Offer: Ikea toddler bed (CB3) - Free; in GUC. Was given to us but don’t need it. Screws included, already dismantled for easy collection. Measurements in Ikea website if you need them, but it’s a standard size. Advertised on the sites, preference given to first person who can collect the soonest.
Photo of free Ikea toddler bed (CB3)
Offer: Armchair - large (Cambridge, CB1) - Width: 85cm Depth: 92cm Large, comfortable armchair. Somewhat worn and faded. Might particularly appeal to someone who likes reupholster / upcycle / renovate old furniture.
Photo of free Armchair - large (Cambridge, CB1)
Offer: Leaky hose (Fulbourn CB21) - About 15 m watering hose. Feed it around your greenhouse, flower or vegetable bed, connect to a proper hose. When you turn on the tap, it leaks gently all the way along to water everywhere at once. This one is old and may have an extra leak or two. If you need the end fitting as well, I'll look out a new O ring seal for it. Watch your water meter bill, too, because it is easy to overdo the nearly automatic watering!
Photo of free Leaky hose (Fulbourn CB21)
Offer: Wall bracket (Fulbourn CB21) - Swing and turn adjustable wall bracket designed for a heavy old TV. Can hold 36 kg and the tray part adjusts between 330 and 622 mm width. Instructions and screws included. I can add wall plugs if you need them. Modern flat TVs do not suit it, but it might be useful to carry a heavy loudspeaker.
Photo of free Wall bracket (Fulbourn CB21)
Photo of free Wall bracket (Fulbourn CB21)
Offer: In tray (Fulbourn CB21) - Vintage steel wire in or out tray. 380 X 280 X 75 mm.
Photo of free In tray (Fulbourn CB21)
Photo of free In tray (Fulbourn CB21)
Offer: Extending squeegee (Fulbourn CB21) - Long-handled squeegee, brown, for cleaning high windows. Extends to 66"/5'6"/1675 mm; slides down to 39"/3'3"/985 mm. Has lost the sponge it once carried but the rubber squeegee blade seems all right and a new cloth or sponge strip could be fitted.
Photo of free Extending squeegee (Fulbourn CB21)
Offer: Cleaning stuff (Fulbourn CB21) - Cobweb duster, blinds/radiator duster, and two scrubbing brushes. Happy to give any or all of these.
Photo of free Cleaning stuff (Fulbourn CB21)
Request: Petrol Lawn Scarifier (Hardwick CB23) - Petrol Lawn Scarifier. If you have one you no longer need I am desperate for one have a neglected lawn. Can collect most times. Request: water butt for allotment (CB24) - any Request: shed for allotment (CB24) - any Offer: Filing cabinet (Fulbourn CB21) - Old steel 2-drawer filing cabinet, originally dark green but painted pale grey in the 1970s. Functional but the key is long lost. I may be able to deliver this, but would of course prefer if you can collect it. 450 mm/17.8" wide, 25.5"/650 mm deep including handles and 30.5"/775 mm high. About 50 empty hanging files are in it.
Photo of free Filing cabinet (Fulbourn CB21)
Photo of free Filing cabinet (Fulbourn CB21)
Offer: Lampshade skeleton (Fulbourn CB21) - Plastic-coated steel standard lamp shade frame, 16" or 390 mm high, 18" or 460 mm across at the base, 12" or 305 mm at the top. Support ring 4.5" or 115 mm diameter. Makes an elegant shade but you need to craft your own from fabric or other wrapping.
Photo of free Lampshade skeleton (Fulbourn CB21)
Offer: Mothercare playbead cot (Cambridge CB5) - Used condition collection asap from cb5 8ph.
Photo of free Mothercare playbead cot (Cambridge CB5)
Offer: Single bed...Ikea (Trumpington) - Wood bed frame complete with all slats and fixings. Memory mattress also available
Photo of free Single bed...Ikea (Trumpington)
Offer: Stuffing/calico (CB4) - Clean, good condition. For toys, pillows duvets or cushions eg
Photo of free Stuffing/calico (CB4)
Request: headphones (Cannon Court CB4) - I'm looking for working somewhat noise-cancelling headphones to reduce noise while working from home Request: Men's bicycle for my son (Arbury Ward CB4) - A large bike for a male six feet two inches roughly Request: chinese (Bell School (proposed development) CB2) - funiture Request: Bath full size (CB23) - I’ve damaged my bath, so if anyone is doing a refit of their bathroom, and is about to skip their bath, if it fits I’d be delighted to take it off your hands. Offer: Selections of DVD’s (Stretham CB6)
Photo of free Selections of DVD’s (Stretham CB6)
Offer: IKEA Hensvik cot as co-sleeper (Trumpington Ward CB2) - IKEA Hensvik cot - modified to remove front bars to be used as co-sleeper attached to bed. Can provide straps to attach to bed. In great condition. Adjustable height. Mattress not included.
Photo of free IKEA Hensvik cot as co-sleeper (Trumpington Ward CB2)
Photo of free IKEA Hensvik cot as co-sleeper (Trumpington Ward CB2)
Photo of free IKEA Hensvik cot as co-sleeper (Trumpington Ward CB2)
Request: Bicycle bell (Abbey Ward CB5) - The bell on my bike broke last week and I'm now looking for another one. I can pick up anywhere in Cambridge, preferably in the evenings. Thanks for any help! Offer: Wooden changing table (CB3) - In very good condition, used for a few months only. Happy to leave outside if you need/want to social distance. Collection hi off Huntington Road.
Photo of free Wooden changing table (CB3)
Request: Hook or sickle (Oakington CB24) - Hi - I do some voluntary work around our village cutting back hedges and things and an old fashioned hook or sickle would be really useful. Any condition as long as it has a sound handle would be OK as I can sharpen it myself. Thanks Graham Offer: Light bulbs (Fulbourn CB21) - Six obsolete unused energy-hungry light bulbs. There's a 100W reflector lamp; a 150W conventional lamp; two 100W conventional lamps; and two 100W halogen bulbs "129W equivalent." All are bayonet BC or B22 base and mains voltage. More suitable for a museum item or something you don't switch on much, because they are so much less efficient than any modern energy-efficient lamp. Happy to split if you want only some.
Photo of free Light bulbs (Fulbourn CB21)
Photo of free Light bulbs (Fulbourn CB21)
Photo of free Light bulbs (Fulbourn CB21)
Photo of free Light bulbs (Fulbourn CB21)
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Request: Power drill and drill bits (Longstanton Park & Ride CB24) - Any brand is fine. Offer: Steam Mop (Cherry Hinton Ward CB1) - Light 'n' Easy Steam Mop by Home-tek. Fairly new and in perfect working order. It is green and white and doesn't take much space to store. Request: Scaffolding board (Queen Edith's Ward CB1) - I’m looking for a 2 to 4 meter long scaffolding board for a DIY project.