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Offer: tape cassettes for children (Marineland, Florida) - Various tape cassettes (22) including music and stories Offer: Couch and loveseat (Lakeland, FL) - Posting for a neighbor 6238 Crane drive No holds
Offer: Similac & Enfamil Infant Formula (North Merritt Island) - 4 liquid Similac (expires 4/1), 5 liquid Enfamil (expires 5/1), 2x 7.6oz powder Similac (expires 11/1 & 12/1), 1x 8oz powder Enfamil (expires 2/1/21), and 4x single pouch Similac (expires 6/1/21).
Offer: Living room set. Blue fabri (Oviedo) - Fair condition. Cat scratches on rear corners needs cleaning but sturdy and otherwise in good shape
Offer: makings foe a teepee (Orlando/Williamsburg) - 5 ft homemade teepee. You can have all the sticks you want. This Grandma cut down the tree. Unfortunately, i have to keep the blanket, but I have enough sticks to make 2 more.
Request: Broom and mop handles (Orange City) - I'm looking for unwanted plastic and wood broom and mop handles for my project. Please no metal as they will deteriate my project. I'm trying to gather at least 18.Bit ig you only have a few, I would greatly appreciate them. Request: Broom and/mop handles (Orange City) - I am looking for unwanted plastic or wood broom and mop handles for a project. No metal please as it will deteriate my project. I'm trying to obtain approximately 18 but if you have a few I'd be more than happy to take them. Request: Old Laptops and Desktops (Stuart) - I am accepting any only brokem laptop or desktops that are currently unwanted.I will also accept any smartphones that are broken or unwanted.Thank you very much. Request: Refrigerator (Bear Lake Area) - Our frig went down and we can not afford another one. Need one ASAP Offer: Classical music CDs (near Marineland) - Classical Music CDs, about 100. All in good shape and in cases. Offer: styrofoam cups and lids (Beachside - Indialantic) - New 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz containers with lids...couple hundred of each size. Offer: Blow up Santa & Reindeer Sleigh (North Merritt Island) - No blower. Blower broke and was thrown away. Can use aftermarket blower to inflate and external lights or wire up internal lights.
Offer: Incandescent Icicle Lights (North Merritt Island) - 8 strands. Some are just a year old, some a years old and some are older. A couple strands are half out.
Offer: 2 large snake or reptile tanks. (Winter Springs, near Oviedo) - 100+ gal. former aquariums. cannot be resealed to hold water. need to be washed. Request: Computers and/or parts (Palm Coast) - I build computers for charities Request: Sheds, washer, dryer (Oak hill fl) - I am with an organization called recovery church in Oak hill fl. We have a little RV park like scenario with multiple rvs where people can live around like minded christians that are working together in remaining in recovery while reaching out to those who are hurting in the community. Satan has infiltrated our once small fishing town where everybody knows everybody and we all consider one another family. Many people here have become drug addicted and homeless living in the woods. We are in need of three sheds. A small one, a medium sized one, and one large one. The small one will be used to make a little laundry room for the less fortunate in the community to come and use.the medium sized one will be retrofitted with two shower enclosures (male and female) this one will also be setup for use by the less fortunate in the community. the third larger shed will be used to store various supplies used in our ministry including extra storage for the food Bank ministry thats already been started. we are praying for continued growth with this ministry. We are also in need of a washer and dryer for the first shed to be set up. We will accept any shed you are willing to donate even if it needs a little TLC and repaired. We are also asking for prayers from all the prayer warriors out there. The power of prayer is crucial for Gods will to be carried out effectively and efficiently through us. Thank you very much for all these things and I hope you have an amazingly blessed day. Request: Cat tree (Kissimmee, Florida) - Looking for a cat tree in decent condition for my cat. Must be from a home free of fleas as my cat cannot take flea medicine Offer: Wall Unit (620 Archibald Av Altamonte Spr) - 6’ tall wall unit. Not real wood.
Offer: LEGO table (Winter Garden) - blue
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Offer: Recliner (Winter Garden) - Brown
Request: Queen size box spring (W 192 in Four Corners area.) - Does anyone have a queen box spring in good condition? Mine fell apart. I live in the Vista Del Lago community,and if you live near by,I can arrange pick up. Request: Aquatic Turtle (Cocoa, FL) - In good heale Request: tools (Palmcity fl) - Looking for any cordless or air or gas and tools Ect landscaping tools hand tools , cordless and electric and gas Request: Area rug (Port st lucie) - Doesnt matter color or shape.need it for garage Offer: 3 Piece Skirt Set (6032 Apple Rd. Sebring) - The size is a 14, the skirt has a tie inside of a casing around the waist. The tank top is white and very soft and the jacket looks like lace with a button front and 3/4 sleeves.
Request: Induction cook top (Jensen Beach) - I am looking for an induction cook top. Trying to help a young family with kids whose stove no longer works. Please consider this family if you have an induction cook top you no longer useI Request: Dog harnesses (Winter haven) - I need 2 small/ medium dog harnesses. I have 2 new puppies that need to be trained. I will pass them along when done. Request: Real Indoor/Outdoor Plants (Cocoa, FL) - Any, preferred alive and not dying. Looking to add to my new home, but plants are very expensive. I know this time of year people replace old w/ new or thin out some. Thank you in advance!! Request: Vintage electronics (Desoto) - Hi I’m looking for any vintage electronics you may be throwing out, such as vcr, beta max, old computers such as apple, commodore, ibm, Tandy, Atari,old radios, Walkman, videogames, old clocks, anything like this, I collect retro! Thanks a lot!
Request: Baseball cards (Hobe Sound, FL) - Any cards are fine even non sports cards. Thanks in advance!!!!