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Request: 4-Wheel Grocery Cart (downtown duluth) - Does anyone have a 2 or 4 wheel grocery cart? Am downtown by library. Thanks!! Request: Men’s warm boots, size 11 (Duluth/Hermantown) - Hello! I’m in need of some warm boots, size 11. My boyfriend and I just lost our apartment and are struggling right now. He’s been picking up work shoveling snow. His boots are falling apart completely now. We can’t afford just now to purchase new ones. So I’m asking if you might have a old or extra pair of warm, size 11 boots. If so we would so much appreciate your donation. Thank you and god bless:) Also, if your in need of any snow shoveling, including snow removal on roof. Please let us know. He can use the work so much right now. Thank you for your time! Request: Yarn donations wanted (Virginia) - Hi, my name is Amy. I have been making hats, mittens, booties, and blankets for babies and donating them to the Hospitals for several years. I have just started making wheelchair lap blankets and shawls to donate as well. I am looking for yarn donations of any color, size, weight, no amount is too small. I have created what my friends call "ugly ball blankets" by using all the little left over balls of yarn from other projects people have donated tied together making a big ball of "unique" and working it into a blanket. These blankets are full of color and texture and show even the smallest of pieces can create the greatest of beauty. If you would like to donate please let me know I am willing to pick up any donations. Thank you for your support in keeping people cozy warm. AMY
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Request: 4-drawer dresser (downtown duluth) - Am looking for a 4-drawer dresser in good condition. Offer: Expired Freezer Meat for Pet Food Makers - I have some old/expired freezer meat that I'd rather donate to someone who makes their own pet food vs throw in the trash. The meat has remained continually frozen with no power outages, but it is beyond use/freeze by dates. I've donated to people in the past, but lost their contact info. I will not deliver this - it must be picked up. I can put it in my front porch for pick-up on the desired date. Offer: Slow feeder for dry cat food - Does your cat scarf down dry food too fast? Mine (may she rest in peace) did, but this slowed her down. It's a plastic platform with little plastic cups inserted, into which you can put small amounts of dry food. The cat has to slow down to go fishing for it. It's all washable. I'm in West Duluth. --Sue Request: wide snow pusher (Lakeside) - Needed: wide 24+ inches snow pusher. Offer: Nice carry case. - My old CPAP died and the replacement came with a tote of a different size and shape. This carry bag ihas compartments, shoulder and side straps, velcro, zippers, etc. Handy and sturdy. Black. **Sue in West Duluth. Offer: Unopened, never used TracFone - In going through possessions of a deceased loved one I have found an unopened TracFone with two accessories: a little case and a car recharger cord. I don't know how old it is. It appears to have been purchased in 2012. Offer: Ariens snow blower (Congdon area of Duluth) - Has not been used for a couple years, but worked fine then. It probably needs a tune-up and/or possibly a carburetor kit. I have awesome neighbors who blow out my driveway in a storm, so I just need the space in my garage!
Request: Jeans, Denim, and more Jeans! (Hermantown and Miller Mall) - I am looking for your old unwanted jeans and denim! Any size, shape, condition, or color. If it's denim, I'm interested! Request: Automobile engine Timing Light (Ely) - Inductive or other Offer: CD Tower (Tower) - CD display/storage tower; 28" tall
Offer: Joining the group - I have a friend who may soon be giving away a number of items. How does a new person join the group? How many members are on the list? TIA LynnAnne Request: Jewel boxes to hold CD's - I'm looking for a couple/few Jewel boxes that you store CD's in. I live my Marshall High School but I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance to retrieve same.