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Request: Soccer Ball (Glen Burnie off of Dorsey Rd) - Looking for a real adult soccer ball for my puppy. We had a soccer ball for years in out back yard and we got Lola 7 months ago she went straight to that ball. She would hold and run with it in her mouth even though it was bigger than her at the time. She even pooped holding that ball in her mouth, lol. Now we need another one because the ball finally deflated with a hole. So if you have an old soccer ball sitting around, Lola would be so happy to have it. Thank you. Offer: Lots of Gameinformer & WWE magazine (DC) - Lots of old magazines if anyone wants them
Offer: Dustbuster (Dupont) - Not same brand but same idea. Scorpion brand. Have a second one around here that does pet hair as well. Can take one or both. Will wipe down and leave outside. Logan/Dupont Request: 10" pot lid (Frederick, MD) - 10" interior pot dimension
Offer: Kids chair (RioWashingtonian/Decoverly) - Indoor/ outdoor. A little rust but lots of life. I’ve wiped it down with Lysol but seat could use a scrub from being outside. Porch pickup. I follow the fair offer policy. Thanks!
Offer: Christmas tree stand (Decoverly/Rio Washingtonian) - Holds a large tree really well.
Offer: Match books (ShadyGroveHospital/RioWashing) - Unused (mostly) matchbooks, nothing special about them. Maybe 40 or so.
Offer: Jumper cables for car (ShadyGroveHospital/RioWashing) - Insulation got damaged so I pulled them apart and wrapped with electrical tape. I’ve used them several times no problem. I have AAA now, no more jumping for me. Please jump responsibly. Driveway pickup.
Offer: Car fluids (ShadyGroveHospital/RioWashing) - Unopened : transmission fluid Leak stopper Opened but lots left: Antifreeze Power steering fluid WD 40 Driveway pickup fair offer policy Thanks
Offer: Wood Burning Stove (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - Wood burning stove. In working order. Uses wood. (Don't know if it can take pellets.). On rollers. Weighs approximately 300 pounds. Will need to move yourself.
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Offer: If You Collect Manual Typewriters (Brookeville Knolls) - Smith-Corona Sterling manual typewriter. Gifted in 1972. Like new in original case.
Request: Household items (Hyattsville) - hello! I’ve previously made a post asking for furniture and other household items. I wanted to start by saying thank you to those who have helped us so far! I appreciate all of you! We only have a few things left that we really need (I'm posting now hoping people may find some of these items they're looking to get rid of, and when COVID has calmed down, we can organize pick up then). We still really need: -a tv stand for a tv thats no larger than 50 inches. It was given to us, i'm not sure the exact size, but it's currently just on the floor and we'd love some kind of long table or stand. -a dining set and utensils and cups -swiffer/broom/clean-up materials Thank you in advance everyone! *i know the location is Hyattsville, but we’re willing to drive, and my family and friends are in the Annapolis area Offer: Red Wood Desk Chair (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - 1 wooden painted desk chair. Red.
Offer: 2 Red Desk Chairs (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - 2 red desk chairs.
Offer: Wood office drawers (Charlottesville Pantops/Rt 20) - Light oak. Approximately 28”tall. Width 25-26” Drawers 25” deep. Four drawers. One drawer detaches when you pull on the handle-simple fix with wood glue or new screw. Nice rolling drawers, decent quality. Was part of an executive office matching set.
Offer: Vintage hanging basket (Dupont Circle) - Can leave in bldg vestibule.
Offer: Yoga mat (Dupont Circle) - Can leave in bldg vestibule.
Offer: Prescription Renal(Kidney) cat food (Charlottesville) - Hill diet and K/D prescription kidney failure/renal diet cat food. Please ONLY to cat diagnosed with kidney issues. This is a prescription expensive canned food- about 30+ cans. Will send photos as needed. Pantops/Rt 20 area. Offer: Cat food- dry and wet (Charlottesville) - Assortment- dry Meow Mix bags, wet containers of L’il Soups, Meow Mix wet and baby food beef, turkey, and others. My 18 year old cat passed away. Was going to give to SPCA. Request: Searching for a heat pump (Crimora) - I know that this is a not very likely, but I need to replace my outdated and semi functional furnace and non working central air conditioning. I would love to upgrade to a heat pump. If you have upgraded or have one just collecting dust, I would gladly take it off your hands. I have someone who can install it for me. 3 ton or larger is ideal. Also any insulation would be helpful as well. Thanks for your time. Offer: Tall Lamp (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - White paper lamp. Approximately 62 inches high. Takes 3 lightbulbs. Slight stain at very bottom.
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Offer: Drill bit scrubber (Edgewood) - Attach to your drill and clean your bathroom! Super handy.
Offer: Cabinet rejuvenator (Edgewood) - Almost a full bottle. Available for porch pick up.
Offer: Small White Table (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - Small white table for coffee table, side table, kids art table, etc.
Request: Bench for Garden/Yard (16th St Hts, NW DC) - Looking for concrete bench to put in garden/yard. Wondered if anyone might have one buried in a yard or garage they’re trying to get rid of? Something like what’s in the attached photo. Thx! Pwil55@yahoo
Offer: 4 Drawer Chest (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - 4 drawer white chest for storage, dresser, office, etc.
Offer: 2 Drawer Chest or Dresser (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - White, 2 drawer cabinet for use as dresser, chest, nightstand, storage.
Offer: Electrical Wire (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - Offer: Electrical Wire. Outdoor rated.
Offer: Mirror (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - Mirror 2 x 3 feet. Just need windex and is in great shape. Small chip in corner can easily be hidden with a frame.
Offer: Framed Art (Steigman Print) (Friendship Heights, D.C.) - Framed Steve Steigman print from the Weaver Gallery. 2 x 3 feet.