Lambton County Freecycle  

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Offer: Campfire wood (Forest Hill) - We took down some trees in our yard a couple years ago and we still have too much. It’s cut into fire-lengths. Offer: Shelving (Hazel park) - Gray office shelves with wood braces to attach to wall
Offer: Flushmount single light (Kitchener) - Tulip shaped shade. Frosted glass. Flushmount. Works well
Offer: Neck travel pillow (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi, I have a U- shaped neck travel pillow. Soft, fuzzy, and barely used. Great for bingeing Netflix. Easy PPU Peace, emceemk Offer: Electric drier (Hazel park) - Won’t turn on
Offer: Assorted hangers (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi. I hve a dozen or so assortedwire and dplastic hangers-- just the thing for a yard sale. Let me know if you'd like them. Have a good one, emceemk Offer: Asst flatware (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Yes, it' me again. I have an incomplete set of flatware, Mansfield pattern, plus some soup spoons. Great for teh cabin up north until you buy a set you really like. Easy PPU. Stay safe, emceemk Offer: Antique doll's bed (Near University of Guelph) - Paid $50 for it in an antique shop about ten years ago. Measures about 13 inches wide by about 24 inches long
Offer: Wooden skirt/pant hangers (Near University of Guelph) - About 2 dozen
Offer: 50+ dinky cars/trucks (Westvale, Waterloo) - Various kinds of toy cars (Hot Wheels, etc), all in good condition. Kids have outgrown them. Hours of play await! Fast p/u is appreciated! Offer: Asst. Hats (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi guys, Assorted hats says it all. Ball caps, winter hats, straw hats, visors. You know 'em, you love 'em. You want 'em? Easy PPU near Middlebelt and Eleven. Enjoy the sunshine! emceemk Request: Small succulent plants (Forest Heights, Kitchener) - Looking for small succulent plants for an outdoor planter. Hens and chicks, low growing sedum, or whatever you can spare a piece of.... Offer: glow in the dark skeleton (Westvale, Waterloo) - About 5 feet tall, glows in the dark and has eyes that light up. Can be used as a Hallowe'en decoration, or as a teaching aid. Students in Gr. 5 (here in Ontario, anyway) learn about the human body, and we found it was really helpful for our kids when they were studying the skeletal system. Fast p/u is appreciated! Offer: Old wood (Islington Ave, Kitchener) - Old wood
Request: Old Hockey Helmets and other gear (Farmington Hills) - I collect vintage adult hockey equipment, anything from mid-90s and older. Helmets, gloves, skates, sticks, jerseys, goalie pads, etc.
Request: Sand Box (Belleville) - Hello! Looking for an outdoor sandbox. Preferably plastic type with lid. If you have one you are no longer using, I know a 4 year old who would be very appreciative. Thank you. Request: Cb radios and anything related (Wayne 48184) - Cb radio or anything related . Thanks Offer: little tykes car (Clarkston) - Little tykes car- just needs a good cleaning
Offer: Head board (Hazel park) - Head board for full size bed
Offer: bbq (Speedvale mall area guelph) - 2 yrs old free in Gd working Condition. Needs burner covers
Offer: Chrome Clothes Rack on Wheels (Independence Twp) - All chrome clothes rack on wheels. 48 inches wide and 67 inches tall. Top hat rack is 8 inches deep. Two hooks on both ends for purses or whatever. Easily breaks dow for storage and transportation
Offer: Couple dozen T-shirts (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi y'alls, I have a couple of dozen black Tshirts, small through XL, each bearing a picture with the name of my failed dotcom. Winner takes all. Wasy PPU near 11 Mile and Middlebelt. emceemk Request: Milk crates (Downtown Guelph) - I am looking for 3 or 4 plastic milk crates (square plastic ones). Size not important - the newer ones that don’t fit LPs are fine. Can pick up anytime although porch preferred. Condition not important. Thanks for considering ering Offer: Upholstery fabric (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi All, I have a chunk of material about a yard and a half across, and two and a half long. It is a heavy woven check pattern, brown and black. I made a bath rug from some of this material, and it survived the washer a couple of times wihtout shrinking or other problems. Easy PPU near 11 Mile and Middlebelt. Stay safe, emceemk Offer: World Book Encyclopedia (Waterloo) - I have a set of World Book Encyclopedia's from I believe 1974. There are also the annual year books up to 1982. Can anyone use these. If so, please let me know when you can pick up. Thank you. Offer: hand-knotted blue/white blanket (Westvale, Waterloo) - Excellent condition; was made during a crafting class and never used. It measures 91 inches long, 52 inches wide. Navy blue with thinner white stripes. Fast p/u appreciated. Porch p/u only. Offer: Garment hanging suitcases (Near University of Guelph) - 2. One navy, one black. Like new. Excellent condition. Completely clean. Open out to hang and fold in half for luggage handling Offer: Kitchen items (Waterloo) - I have a variety of kitchen stuff - bowls, serving utensils etc. If you can use, please let me know when you can pick it up. Thank you. Offer: Glass Dishes (Waterloo) - I have a variety of glass serving dishes available. If you are interested, please let me know when you can pick up. Thank you. Request: Metal chair (Kitchener) - Does anyone have a metal chair, in good condition, which they're not using. It's needed in a workspace that, under the current state of the world, must endure lots of disinfection. Thanks for considering.