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Offer: Mulch for garden (cherry st extension 5400 block) - Have 6 30 gallon size recycled bags of finely ground leaves, great for garden Request: Kitty supplies in the time of COVID (West Toronto) - King & Dufferin in Parkdale Not able to travel far, saving what fare is left on my Presto for an emergency. I'm on ODSP, if that means anything to you. Greetings! I have 6 cats I'm looking to feed. All my boys have a history of struvite crystals blocking them up, but one of them is allergic to the urinary S/O, so canned food is preferred. Kibble is ok for my girls. Although I asked for canned for my cranky grandma cat before, she keeps stealing the foster girl's kibble, so I guess she's good 😆. Litter is running low too, so if you happen to have some plant based clumping litter, that would be amazing. Thank you for reading, and I am grateful for your consideration. ❤️🙏🏻 Offer: Stress reliever kit (Mississauga-Square one area) - Stress reliever kit... There’s some books, workbook, CD etc.
Offer: Decor (Mississauga-Square one area) - Cute little home Decor! Thanks PPU
Offer: Guess high heels size 10 (Mississauga-Square one area) - Used three or four times! Size10
Offer: Fitness (Mississauga-Square one area) - Fitness Workout DVD kit! Been sitting in my basement for a the box has stains on outside!....the rest is perfect condition. Used once maybe? Lol Thanks PPU
Request: (Black) upholstery fabric or vinyl (Burnhamthorpe and Tomken) - I’m trying to recover a chair. I have some fabric but not enough.Since the cover is sewn in panels I could use a coordinating fabric to make up the difference. I thought black would be easy to match, though brown may work too. I would need close to a metre of fabric. And if you have 2 metres of any fabric and could send a photo, that might work too. It’s for my daughter’s office chair.
Request: 50ml of MEK Solvent (west Toronto/east Mississauga) - I'm hoping that someone out there can spare a splash of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). I need a small quantity to fix a plastic part on my coffee grinder. I will, of course, come to your location with my own container. Offer: Moving and this must go by April 23 (Mainway and Dillan Burlington) - I have a bunch of stuff I would like to give away. I would like someone to take the entire lot. Probably trunk full. They can use what they want and give away rest or wait for donation bins to be set up again. Offer: Framed Poster Pirates of Caribbean (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) - This nicely framed poster was in our son's room for a few years. Sorry that the photo has a bad reflection on it, but the poster and frame are in perfect condition. It measures 21" by 18". If you are interested in it, we would be pleased to put it on the front porch for pick up.
Offer: Critter container (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) - Plastic container made for holding insects, or in my son's case, he used it to hold grasshoppers. It measures 15 inches by 9 inches by 7 inches deep. If you are interested in this, we would be pleased to put it on the front porch for pick up.
Offer: 36 inch x 45 inch Mini Blind (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) - It is not new, but this mini blind is still sealed in its original package (never opened). It has been sitting in a corner of the garage for a few years. It is light brown colour. If you are interested we will put it on the porch for pick up.
Offer: Coffee maker Braun 10-cup (403 & Winston Churchill) - Uses No. 4 cone filters Porch pick up
Offer: Pyramid Power game (403 & Winston Churchill) - Toy for Ages 10 and up. Cleaned in dishwasher. Porch pick up
Offer: Gluten Free products (L6M 1H8) - Thought my son would need these but tests said no. Flour and fettuccine unopened but rotini was opened. Will leave on bench at my front door when you say you are coming.
Request: Chainsaw (Burlington) - In need of a chain saw Offer: T12 fluorescent light (Sheridan homelands) - Working condition, may need new bulbs. We changed to LED so don’t need this anymore. PPU at Dundas and Erin Mills Offer: Old ink cartridges. Empty (Winston Churchill/collegeway) - I have a Ziploc baggie full of used and empty ink cartridges available. Some are from Canon some from HP. Please let me know date and time for possible porch pick up near Winston Churchill and Collegeway Offer: Kids sunglasses (Winston Churchill/collegeway) - Two pairs of kids sunglasses. Please state date and time for possible porch pick up near Winston Churchill and the Collegeway
Offer: Baby slippers (Winston Churchill/collegeway) - Baby slippers. Not sure for what age, but not newborn. Probably 6 to 9 months. Please state date and time for possible porch pick up near Winston Churchill and Collegeway
Request: Any model iphone unlocked (Winston Churchill/collegeway) - I am looking for any model of working iPhone. Unlocked. iPhone 4,5 or 6 are great. Of course I would take a newer model, but I’m just looking for something for my son to use as an iPod and for iMessage. Request: Old linens & pillowcases (Etobicoke North) - i'm collecting old linens, bedshets, pillowcases, etc to re-purpose into re-usable produce bags. if you have any you don't intend to use anymore, i would be happy to take them. Willing to travel! Offer: Clothing (GlenErin Burnhamthorpe Mississ) - I have 3 bags of medium small T shirts for boys Offer: XS peach tank (L5L 5P5) - Porch pickup
Offer: AE xs ladies sweater (L5L 5P5) - Porch pickup
Offer: XS Capri stretch grey leggings (L5L 5P5) - Porch pickup
Offer: Ladies XS Bluenotes shirt (L5L 5P5) - Porch pick up
Offer: Wine bottles (Downtown Guelph) - 8 bottles if you make homemade wine.
Offer: Mirror - old fashioned swivel (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) - Swivel mirror - needs some repair on base and on side to secure frame in position.
Offer: Gillette Endurance (Bridgeport) - 4 - New, never opened Underarm deoderant. Porch pickup