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Offer: Twin platform type w/ mattress (SW Denver Florida &Federal) - It's laying on it's side but it's a platform type style frame with headboard attached one unit. Comes with twin mattress. It has plywood attached as well. the stamp on the wood is the black ink you see. Please respond with time. Preferably after 6 until Friday or early Saturday. Please bring help with you it's on the second floor. Thank you
Offer: Candy dispensers (East Denver) - Working 25 cent candy dispensers. Originally for commercial use or use at home. Lots of extra parts.
Offer: Black Metal Cabinet (Greenwood Village) - Black metal cabinet from Uline. Free behind Sazza Salad and Pizza.Please let me know if you need measurements. Thanks.
Request: Small Jars (Glendale) - Hi, looking for small jars between .5oz (15ml) and 2oz with lids. I’m trying to reconstitute my tubes of dried gouache and need a place to store them so they stay hydrated. Thanks. Offer: Fish tank and stand 2’ x 1’ (Left-hand canyon boulder) - Fish tank and stand 2’ x 1’. Used, just needs cleaning. Filter included. I think it’s 20 gallons.
Offer: Terrariums (10 & 20 Gallon) (Denver, CO) - Hello Everyone, I am offering two tanks that I recently acquired that were used as terrariums. I am uncertain as to whether or not they are rated for water and am unwilling to risk it. One is a 10 gallon tank and the other is a 20 gallon tank. The larger tank has a heater attached to the bottom. If anyone needs terrariums or has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Have a great day gang! Offer: Stereo (SE Denver) - Aiwa mini stereo. The speakers are bi-amplified, but one of them has the high frequency wire cut and missing the RCA plug. You can probably take an RCA plug and splice the wires onto it so that you can plug it into the amplifier. Porch pickup - please reply with date and approximate time.
Offer: Futon Mattress (2) (North Boulder) - Green and/or Marroon Futon mattresses. Light wear. No stains. Good condition.
Offer: Queen Mattress (Near Lowry) - Used but clean Queen mattress. No bugs. :) It would be great for a child! I can post photos if you’re interested. Just got a new bed so I don’t need it. Request: Snowblower (Aurora Colorado) - I am in search of an old snowblower for my dad. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. This last snow storm was to heavy for him. Request: Flat iron with steam (38th and Wadsworth) - The steam recently stopped working on our iron so I figured I'd see if anyone had one sitting around they weren't using to saveon waste before I bought a new one Request: Dehydrator (38th and Wadsworth) - For meat and fruit mostly If you have one you don't use, I would love to put it to use 🙂 Request: Aquarium Supplies (Denver, CO) - Hello Everyone, I'm looking for aquarium supplies for my tank. I am in search of the following supplies: Lights, pumps, decorations, foods, chemicals, water testing supplies, and/or possibly a replacement tank (I have a 10 gallon tank, but wouldn't mind going a little larger if the opportunity arises). I have a stand, and inherited some fish and crustaceans from a friend, but the tank has a slow leak and the rest of my supplies are sadly lacking. If you have any tank/supplies that you don't use anymore, please drop me a line and I'll swing by and pick them up. Thanks! Offer: Food items, none expired - extras (E Union Ave) - Amy's gluten free dairy free man n cheese(4) 10/21 exp Häagen-Dazs green tea ice cream 14oz 4/nov/2020 exp Mybread gluten free flat bread - has a little freezer burn Popsecret 2 microwavable popcorn pack of extra gum. 1 piece missing. Togo brand tea bags, all organic - stomach ease, lemon ginger, positive energy sweet tangerine, perfect energy vanilla spice Choice organic earl Grey tea Loose tea organic black Assam vanilla Annie chuns instant noodle- 1sweet and spice 1 yakisiba 2 nacho cheese sauce Kroger brand in a can 8/dec/20 best by 3 sprouts organic greenbeans canned Annie's organic all Stars pasta in tomato cheese sauce Creamy almond butter best by April 2020 open but practically untouched - organic Organic barley malt syrup 2020 exp open but unused 2 cans readiwhip whipped cream unopened Think think protein and fiber hot oatmeal bowls 6pack vanilla almond pecan Take what you want, trade if you want Offer: Pet costumes (SE Denver/Glendale) - All small except for the teddy bear which is a large to allow more room. Great condition has been stored in a box so might need to be wiped down. Used for my cat when he was going to costume contests and I'm no longer going to put him through it. Mpu near Colorado Blvd and I-25
Offer: Magazines (Boulder Mapelton Hill) - Bon appetit and climbing mags for free.
Offer: Mini car console (SE Denver/Glendale) - Great condition no longer need has adjustable cup the pic 1 cup holder is fully extended the other is the smallest and bothhave lock in place when you find theroghy size. Must pick up near Colorado Blvd and I-25
Offer: Dining room chair set (Near Denver/Aurora border) - Arm chair is in decent condition. Others need repair. (Cat not included )
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Offer: National Geographic maps and inserts Quincy & Simms - I have a number of maps and poster inserts from the National Geographic over the last 20 or so years. They are headed for the recycling, unless someone wants them. They are very informative, with photos, drawings and maps. Please let me know which ones you would like and when you can pick up. Colonizing Mars - 2016Mars Revealed - A New Look at Forces That Shape the Desert Planet - 2001Planets - The New Cosmic Order - 2006Star Birth in the Orion Nebula - 1995The Milky Way - 2000Earth at Night - 2004 Changing Climate - 2007A World Transformed - State of the Planet - 2002 Soccer Unites the World - 2006 Monsters of the Ancient Sea - 2005Planet of the Dinosaurs - 2007 The Face of Seven Billion - 2011Dawn of Humans - 1997 100 Years of Flight - 2003Sunken Treasures - 2001Everest 50 - 2003 Great Migrations (animals) - 2010Bird Migration - Eastern Hemisphere - 2004 Peopling of the Americas - 2000The Dividing Link - Mexico & Central America - 2007The Inca - Machu Picchu Salutes the Sun - 2002The Mesoamericans - 1997Amazonia - 2015Ontario - 1996Exploring the Chesapeake - 400 Years Ago and Today - 2005Boston to Washington - Circa 1830 - 1994A Nation Transformed by Civil War (USA) -19951863 Turning Point of the Civil War - 2012 (2 copies) Africa - The Human Footprint - 2005The Egyptians - Great Peoples of the Past - 2001The North Egypt's Nile Valley - 1995The Greeks - Great Peoples of the Past - 1999The Romans - Great Peoples of the Past - 1997Historical Italy - 1995A Traveler's Map of Spain and Portugal - 1998 Iran - Born at the Crossroads - 2008Afghanistan - Land in Crisis - 2001Middle East - Crossroads of Faith and Conflict - 2008South Asia with Afghanistan and Myanmar- 1997The Khmer Empire - Cambodia's Medieval Splendor - Southeast Asia Monsoon Latitudes - 2008The Two Koreas - 2003 Thanks,Elise Offer: Reusable ice packs for food (East Longmont) - Medium and large ice packs for food transportation - about 5 each. These are the type that come withmail order meals.
Offer: a wig (Near Englewood) - I don't know the size but it's a brown wig. I'm giving it away because it's too small.
Offer: Several random items (Belleview/Broadway) - Bob's Red Mill PBJ&Oats Bar exp 3/19/20 Bob's Red Mill PB,Choc&Oats Bar exp exp 2/25/20 EarthsBestOrganics Vegetable Turkey Dinner baby food (2) exp 6/11/20 10 vanilla wafer single packs exp 7/21/20 bag of approx 15 xmas theme cookie cutters 1/3-1/2 bottle supertech auto ac refrigerant medium sized Minions stuffed animal (child-free, gift that sat on shelf for years) precut stacked years dry firewood Offer: Queen sleeper sofa (80918) - Queen sleeper sofa 6 months old . Must pick up 2/25 or 2/26 from second floor apartment
Offer: Gravy Train Dog food, misc can food (6th and I 25) - Opened Gravy Train Dog Food. It upset my dog's stomach so it's yours if you want it.Also a couple of can food someone else gave us Offer: 26" Sharp TV with remote (Greeley/loveland) - Has remote, tested working
Offer: 32" Toshiba TV (Greeley/loveland) - As is. Works
Offer: Non functioning Sony BraviaXBR tv (Memorial park Arvada) - 55 inches. I think the power source is bad because I don’t even get a light. So the tv is probably fine. I just didn’t want to fiddle with it. If you haveelectrical skills you could probably fix this. Request: I could use a laptop computer (Southwest Longmont) - Do you have a spare laptop computer that you don't need or use any longer? I could make use of it if you can't, and I can pick it up anywhere in Longmont or North Boulder. Thanks for your generosity. Offer: Small wooden side table (Boulder, CO) - Small wooden side table. Measures approx 17” x 17” and 16” tall. Has a water stain on top (see photos). Can be used as is or refinish. Nice solid wood.
Request: Boxes for moving (Near Englewood) - My family has about 30 days till the end of our lease so we need boxes to pack our stuff in.