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Offer: Folding tables (Kirkton of Auchterhouse DD3) - I have 3 x Off White Folding Tables,Plastic Top,Metal Adjustable Height Legs.Taker must collect.
Photo of free Folding tables (Kirkton of Auchterhouse DD3)
Request: Women's clothing (Tayport DD6) - Hi! I am looking for nice clothes in sizes 14-16 and 18-20 if anyone can help Please get in touch! Thank you so much! Request: Snow globes (Tayport DD6) - If any of you have any unwanted Snow globes please let me know. Offer: Dish Drainer (Kirkton of Auchterhouse DD3) - I have 1 x Silver Dish Drainer,never been used. Taker must collect.
Photo of free Dish Drainer (Kirkton of Auchterhouse DD3)
Offer: Kitchen Floor Mop (Kirkton of Auchterhouse DD3) - I have 1 x Kitchen Floor Mop,Chamber for cleaning liquid. Taker must collect.
Photo of free Kitchen Floor Mop (Kirkton of Auchterhouse DD3)
Offer: Bedside Tables (Kirkton of Auchterhouse DD3) - I have 2 x Off White Matching Bedside Tables, in need of a little DIY. 1 Coat of paint will do it. Drawers working. Taker must collect.
Photo of free Bedside Tables (Kirkton of Auchterhouse DD3)
Offer: Fish (Menstrie FK11) - Orange and Black Painted Mollies. 6 month old. Too many for tank need to rehome, male and females. Very healthy and energetic, although I love having them they have grown larger and need to go on to separate tanks. Edit just say we allow fish (only pet/animal currently) as you need a set up before collecting them Mod Thanks you
Photo of free Fish (Menstrie FK11)
Request: Aquarium filter (Dunfermline KY12) - Does anyone have an external aquarium filter they no longer use or need? Someone I know is in desperate need of one as theirs has packed in. Thank you.
Photo of Aquarium filter (Dunfermline KY12)
Request: A baby's buggy (Letham PH1) - My cat has to go to the vet on Thursday 27th . He weighs over 5 and a half kg and the cat carrier is also heavy. I'm old ,have mobility problems and if I could get a buggy I could cpush him to vet when I get off if anyone has one they no longer need I would be extremely grateful.Thanks Jill Request: Pyrex dishes or similar (Fintry DD4) - I’m looking for some new to me casserole dishes/mixing bowls to help encourage my kids to open their palate when they’re helping cook/bake different dishes together now we have a family sized kitchen. Thanks in advance. Request: Scrap metal for welding hobby (West Ferry DD5) - Hi, I'm looking for pieces of scrap metal for some hobby welding projects, such as rebar, angle iron, plate steel etc.. Much appreciated, thanks Offer: Single armchair (Burntisland KY3) - Large red armchair.
Photo of free Single armchair (Burntisland KY3)
Offer: Three seater sofa (Burntisland KY3) - Purpleish colour. Fairly low.
Photo of free Three seater sofa (Burntisland KY3)
Offer: Wallpaper brush (Abernyte PH14) - Left by the previous owners of the house we moved into, we have no need to keep it so happy to gift onwards. I work at The University of Dundee so can bring it into Dundee if that's helpful to anyone.
Photo of free Wallpaper brush (Abernyte PH14)
Request: Electric cooker (Glenrothes KY7) - I’m moving out my private let next month and moving into a council house I’m looking for an electric cooker if anyone can help me it would be really appreciated thank you Request: Empty Douwe Egberts Coffee Jars 190g (Leven KY8) - Hi Does anyone have any spare jars lying around? I'm needing some for storage and could use around 10. Many thanks.
Photo of Empty Douwe Egberts Coffee Jars 190g (Leven KY8)
Offer: Box for 43” TV (Kirkcaldy KY1) - Anyone want the big flat box and packing materials a 43” TV came in? Speak now, will need to go in recycling if nobody wants soon. Request: Child’s Booster seat with harness (Fintry DD4) - Hiya does anyone have a child’s booster seat with harness they no longer use/need? Thank u in advance x Offer: 18 "TV with built-in DVD player (Oakbank PH1) Promised - In good working order
Photo of free 18 "TV with built-in DVD player (Oakbank PH1)
Offer: bubble wrap (Kirkcaldy KY2) - Any one moving house? I've got a big black bin bag full of used bubble wrap and a few other protective packing materials (some still have the tape on) Offer: Car booster seat (Craigie PH2) - Grey/brown booster seat for a child up to about 11 years.
Photo of free Car booster seat (Craigie PH2)
Offer: Plastic cutlery set (Craigie PH2) - 6x knife/fork/spoon. Ideal for picnics or nursery. I think they’ve been used but you can barely tell.
Photo of free Plastic cutlery set (Craigie PH2)
Offer: Used bubble wrap (Tayport DD6) - I seem to have ended up with loads of bubble wrap! Seems a shame to bin it of someone could make use of it- it’s all used, and I’ve not checked if any is ripped or anything. I know some has tape attached but the majority doesn’t. As you can see in the photo, two bags worth. Pick up Tayport
Photo of free Used bubble wrap (Tayport DD6)
Photo of free Used bubble wrap (Tayport DD6)
Request: Wooden planks (Tayport DD6) - Hi! I am looking for some long wooden planks. Does anyone out there have some they don't want? Thank you! 😉 Offer: Golf Balls (Glenrothes KY7) - 12 practice golf balls that my dog has found in the park, no cuts on them.
Photo of free Golf Balls (Glenrothes KY7)
Offer: Balls for dogs (Glenrothes KY7) - Found by my dog and brought home as trophies then ignored, now time to offer to someone that might get some use out of them. 17 balls now he found more this past week, mostly tennis ball size but some smaller and others larger. Duncan (in picture) is not included but he wanted a nosey while I was sorting them.
Photo of free Balls for dogs (Glenrothes KY7)
Request: Kingsize bed(mattress and base don’t need to b together) (Gowrie Park DD2) - Hoping for a wooden, pallet like, bed but not essential. Any decent frame or mattress would be greatly appreciated. I got one king size mattress but it wasn’t as nice as described and covered in rusty stains? and smells damp and not clean. So any decent clean mattress? Also a base (wooden is preferable but am not fussy?) Thank you very much for any offers at all🙏 Offer: Royal Doulton Bo Peep figurine (Dunblane FK15) - Very good condition
Photo of free Royal Doulton Bo Peep figurine (Dunblane FK15)
Offer: Toddler cars/ tea set/ toy food/ till (Kirkcaldy KY1) - Some toys I had for my grandson he's outgrown. Does anyone want them before I go down the charity shop?
Photo of free Toddler cars/ tea set/ toy food/ till (Kirkcaldy KY1)
Offer: Coffee machine (Glenrothes KY6) - Good condition, just needs a new home
Photo of free Coffee machine (Glenrothes KY6)