for homeless man, who wants to work (Hampton Court)

Used Window Cleaning Equipment needed ( ideally PRO ) for homeless man, who wants to get back on his feet and work as window cleaner.

His name is Dave. He's English. I met him in Teddington. He used to be professional window cleaner ( self-employed ). Now he sleeps rough on the streets.

BTW He told me that although he paid national insurance contributions and taxes, he won't get any help from us, society ( see: taxpayer's money ). Simply: computer or clerk says: NO. Anyway he is not interested in benefits, he just wants to work.

If you see him on the street, share with him some words of encouragment to lift up his spirit. He is a really nice guy. Someone gave him radio lately just to cheer him up or keep him company.

P.S. I am going on holiday and when I come back I will check all emails ( if there will be any ) from you. I will also check how Dave is doing. Thanks.
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