A heavy heart (Chapman Ave & Willington St)

As you will have seen, over the last couple of weeks I have offered many things for collection. Due to the amount, I have been leaving things labelled on my drive for people to collect and help themselves to. Mostly this has worked well and I thank all of those people who have been offered and have collected swiftly. Over the weekend I have left several things out, only to find that people have collected things not meant for them and when the correct "owners" have called, their items are gone... This morning I also found a huge sack of clothes left out for a charity collector has been collected also, these items were left completely seperate to the freecycle items! Please fellow freecyclers - can we all get back to being courteous and polite to our fellow freecyclers, collecting things that are not meant for you is frustrating to those who have had a wasted trip, it's also Embarrassing for the person giving the items away! I will have many more posts coming up as I empty my club room and hope that my efforts to reuse the items and assist those who would like them will not be in vain! I am by no means a perfect freecycler myself, apologies to anyone who I have forgotten to collect from Over the months and years - I always do my best to make sure I contact everyone if I can't make it, and I am fully aware that sometimes "life" takes over, but taking things meant for others there isn't an excuse for. This isn't the first time this has happened, but I hope it will be the last? Many thanks Kelly

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