garden supplies (west avl)

i am starting a free garden program for lo-income households who have very little space. we focus on organic diy practices and reuse of materials for planting in. we need containers for growing: burlap bags (from coffee roasters) malt bags (from breweries) plastic buckets coffee cans gallon jugs etc.

supports: bamboo cattle pannels chicken cage wire etc.

growing medium supplies: potting soil compost sand perlite cocnut coir shredded paper ammendments/ferilizers epsom salt fish emulsion

soil boosters/fertilizers: composting worms biochar mycorhyzza etc.

basically anything a land-less farmer or gardener could use to grow in or grow with. if u have stuff or ideas gimme a shout

also looking for plant starts to help less experienced gardeners get a head start to successful food sovereignty. please contact me at
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