old Sony TV "the Brontosaurus' (Mt. Pleasant DC)

I have a Sony TV I want to give away. It is old and large, but it still works well and is great for watching movies. I call it affectionately "the Brontosaurus." This is not a flat-screen TV, but a tube TV -- it has a 34" screen (diagonal), and the housing is 39" wide and 24" deep. It is on a stand, and the top of the TV to the floor is 43" (the TV is only about half that, but I forgot to measure when I was downstairs.) It comes with a Panasonic Blue Ray Disc Player DMP-BD30. The TV is about 10-12 years old (I don't remember exactly when it was purchased) but it belonged to my long-time partner who died in 2010 and it has hardly been used since then. If you can transport it, you would be doing me a favor by taking it. I am located in DC in Mt. Pleasant, right next to the Zoo. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
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