Solid oak desk (Mt. Pleasant DC)

I have a solid wood oak desk in beautiful shape, but I am downsizing and it needs to go.

I am not very good at transferring pictures from my phone to the computer, but the first catalog picture below looks very much like the desk. Differences: the wood of my desk is light-colored, kind of a honey color -- same color as the legs on the second desk below. The "drawer" above the knee-hole is actually a shelf for a computer keyboard, and one of the big "drawers" on the bottom is actually the door to space for a CPU, paper, and other computer-related things (a lot like the alternate view of this desk: . There is a hole with a plastic cover on top of the desk on one of the far corners, for computer cables. The desk does come apart -- I myself have taken it apart and reassembled it several times, but not for many years. If you can move it, you can have it -- Please let me know if you are interested.


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