VCR, movies on vhs and dvd N Aurora

The VCR needs the heads cleaned

The movies on vhs I cannot tell you thee majority of their names due to my
granddaughter taking them out of their cases and my Braille lables were on
the cases.

The dvd's are:

Blank Man

Taming of the shrew Elizabeth Taylor

Ricochet denzel Washington

Tough Guys Kirk douglas burt Langcastor

Battle star galactica Lorren green

Boomer rang with Eddie Murphy

Harlem Nights eddie Murphy

Family Stonesarah Jessica Parker



Star trek 2 wrath of Khan

Deep Impact Morgan freeman

Empire Strikes Back

Battle star galactica Lorren green


Buck rogers in the 25th century Guardians

Buck rogers in the 25th century space rockers


Rookie of the Year John Candy

Crocadile Dundee Paul Hogan

Arriba Derci Baby tony Curtis

Topgun tom cruise

Distinguished gentlemen Eddie Murphy

Forbidden Planet

Speed Racer

I am sorry but I no longer remember the make of the VCR.
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