Clothes & shoes for family (06704)

A family I’m close with lost everything in a fire on Friday December 29th Mom and 7 Children.

They were the family on the 2nd floor (third floor caused the fire) who have 7 children who they have lost everything. Even the baby blankets I made her little ones. 7 Children need clothes & shoes IF anyone might have things that they can use. Here are the sizes needed.

4 Boys: 14/16 and 14/16 Husky and 10/12 Husky and 7/8
3 Girls: 4T and 2T and 3 Months

4 Boys Shoes: 2 Oldest - size 8 in Mens and 6 in Boys and 13 Youth
3 Girls Shoes: 9 Youth and 5 Toddles and Baby Booties

Mom Needs: 2X Shirts and 18/20 Pants and Size 9 Shoes

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