Spayed, declawed, dainty cat (Three Rivers)

Rescued this gal from sure death, She is spayed and declawed. Polly is very loveable once she trusts you. She loves to sit on your lap and have you scratch her ears, she'll let you know how much she likes it with a what I call her talking 'purr'. She loves all the attention and petting you can give her, when she wants attention she'll come up and put her paw on your face and look you straight in the eye as if to say, 'hey will scratch my ears'? lol.. She got her name from when she was a kitten, she was so dehydrated she had slanted eyes like that picture you see of the green martian-but when she started drinking and eating she ate so much she looked like a pollywog-hence the name, I do call her pollyanna once in a while.

Right now I have 3 male rescues, who for some reason like to pick on her. I think this is stressing her out because she is chewing her hair off-or else she is allergic to something that is just now showing up (she is approx 2 1/2 yrs old). I think she just needs a home where its just her and she's the one who gets all of the attention, and no stress from all the guys chasing her.

She is on the small side(6-7 lbs), I like to call her a dainty cat.

So if you are the one or you know someone who can give her a forever home, please email for more info. I don't have recent photos, but she is a soft gray with darker tabby/tiger markings, I add a kitten photo, to give you an idea of her color.she was approx. 8 weeks old in pic

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