Greatly appreciated! (York Mills and Victoria Park)

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my posting!! I am newly separated starting over. It will take awhile to for us to get on our feet, so I was hoping that someone may have furniture to donate or are renovating or down sizing to offer?! I'm not one to ask, but I don't have a choice right now and I am trying to create a nice home for my 2 daughters! My girls and I are typically the one's to reach out and help as much as we can, I have amazing, caring, giving young ladies.. So I guess its my time to ask for help. I really hope I'm not asking for a lot. But please pass on items that are decent and well taken care of. I've had offers of furniture that honestly should be used for someone who is handy and into DIY's or used for spare parts or put in the garbage. I know this group is about keeping our landfills clean and So am I 100%. But, if disposed properly they can be. Forgive me for my bluntness, but I am one to pass on things that are in great condition or give to handy people or break them down or reuse for cleaning, etc. Again my apologies for being blunt. Okay, the items we are seeking is priority first, then items that would be on a wish list so to speak keeping in mind if you do have to part with!😊 I am very grateful for everything I do have already, God has been so good to us and anything you may have to offer🙏 I do have a D caravan with stow and go seats, so picking up and transporting is not a problem.

1: A metal or good/best condition bedframe for my 15 year old daughter. 2: Tall dressers or armoires as we are in a small 2 bedroom apt and the girls share one room. 3: Ceiling fans as we are not allowed to put AC's in our windows in our building. (Eventually going to work on a portable one, once my finances get back in order) 3: Carpets/area rugs (earth tones, black, white, or red or all in one even, or pretty colored ones for the girls) 4: My daughters have a beautiful fish tank that they take very good care of, but the stand broke during our move so they are using a coffee table which is not sturdy enough to hold for a long period of time. 5: Dining room chairs for a tall dark wood table. The ones I have keep falling apart no matter how much wood glue I put on them or screws 😕. 6: Any thing else you may have that would be of help is very, very much appreciated!!! Again, thank you so much in advance for evening reading my posting. Please, keep negative comments to yourself, I've been through enough already to hear one's disapproval. Lets just all get along and help each other as much as we can. If we did, this world would be an amazing one! God bless and sincere regards!
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