Big gazeebo canvas (Hatfield Marketplace)

Four different really big canvas.

I have been using them outdoors to improvise shades and other areas in larps and reenactement events. Now I will not use them any more.

The gree ones are 3 x 2 m and are in perfect state.
They have velcros in three sides to attach them to a gazeebo. They are water resistant.

The cream and green border one is 4.20 x 2.30 m aprox
It's cotton. It has two little holes a big darker area in the middle. I was looking for something imperfect, so it was perfect for my needs months ago.
It has plastic hooks in three of its borders.

The cream and orange border one is 4.40 x 3.00 m aprox.
It's cotton. It's in quite good condition.
It has plastic hooks in three of its borders.

I give them away because my days of creativity when setting a camp have ended as I purchased a tent.

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