digital alarm clock w/large number display

Offering a digital alarm clock with a large (2" tall) number display.
The clock (and its alarm function) works; I'm just not using it any more.
Full disclosure: Somehow two of the pieces of the plastic casing no longer want to stay on by themselves, but they can be held in place with a rubber band (shown in photo).
Labeled as Advance model 4069 / 4081.
Easy porch pickup in northern Park View, less than one block from the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station.
Crosslisted in the Craigslist free section. Preference given to Freecyclers over Craigslisters, as I find Freecyclers to be less flaky -- if you respond to the Craigslist ad rather than the Freecycle one, please identify yourself as a Freecycler.
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