creeping phlox plants (near GA Ave Metro)

Offering four creeping phlox plants, variety "Amazing Grace" (white flowers with maroon-ish spots at the center, for an overall pinkish-white look).

I'm usually pretty good with plants, but I've been having a hard time with these. I think they've been getting more sun than they like.

I am offering them here in case someone wants to try nursing them back to better health.

Photo #1 shows them in bloom and with lush foliage.

Photo #2 shows them about a week ago, looking kind of meh and partially dried out. (I've always given them lots of water, but my guess is that all the direct sunlight was too much for them.)

I dug these up about a week ago, so they really ought to be replanted ASAP.

Specs (from the Home Depot info card)
- sun
- low height
- size: 4-6" t x 18-24" w
- space 18-24"
- habit: mounded
- water: weekly during dry spells; more often until roots established
- hardiness: -40 F (-40 C)

Easy pickup.near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro.

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