Wardrobe/chipboard panels (3m east of Axminster)

Hi All,
I have available (am replacing) 2 identical flatpack wardrobes which are ab=
out 12 years old, but still reasonable in appearance, being of limed-oak ef=
fect (paper on chipboard!) finish.=C2=A0 Each is 2 metres (about 6'6" ) wid=
e and 61cm (2') deep, has 2 mirror doors, two clothes-hanging cupboards, an=
d other shelf space, together with 3 wide drawers. One of the wardrobes is =
creaking a bit, with the drawer runners needing attention, but fixable usin=
g Swish curtain track, if your DIY skill and motivation are so inclined.=C2=
=A0 (or replacement ball-bearing drawer runner mechanisms might well be ava=
ilable from the supplier - I still have some of the paperwork.)
One wardrobe is about to be dismantled, the second will be dismantled in ab=
out 6 weeks time, when the replacements arrive.
Equally, if you're looking for large chipboard panels for a project, these =
wardrobes will each yield several, roughly 6'6" x2'.
One wardrobe will be dismantled in a day or two, but photographs of the sec=
ond should make it possible to work out how to reassemble, if required.
If you are interested, please ring Gareth on 01297 678469, or email

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