waffle-weave shower curtain (near GA Ave Metro)

Pottery Barn off-white waffle-weave shower curtains. Two available.
I got these from another Freecycler, but never ended up using them.
Full disclosure: Both shower curtains have minor flaws. They each have one or two small areas (like the size of the top of a pencil -- maybe half a centimeter square? one waffle-square's worth) of what appears to be melted white plastic.
One shower curtain has some degree of discoloration along a vertical edge. The other one has some slightly discolored areas near the bottom.

I treated the stained areas on both shower curtains with Spray and Wash and air-dried them... but they could use further Spray & Wash treatment and further air-drying. I decided to just stick with my existing shower curtain instead.
Let me know if you want one shower curtain or both.
Easy porch pickup in northern Park View, less than a block from the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station.
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