Waterbed, super single, complete (Amherst)

Waterbed, super-single, used, good working condition. You get a wooden frame with a cushioning rail on one side, plastic liner, semi-motionless mattress (has internal wave dampener), heater and thermostat, two pairs of sheets and pillowcases.

The wooden frame outside dimensions are 18 inches tall, 52 inches wide, and 87 inches from head to foot. It has a headboard, the top of which is 29.5 inches from the floor. The frame has no storage drawers. The frame is stained dark brown with light scuffing from normal use.

You must disassemble the frame and carry the parts down a stairway to your vehicle. Most water has been drained from the mattress, but some residual water is difficult to remove, making it heavy. You will probably need two people to move the mattress down the stairway to your vehicle.

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