rockery stones and garden equipment (Lakenheath IP27)

Hi, I'm newnto gardening and have started growing my own fruit and vegetables and plants, i woild love to get more experienced so I can eventually become self sufficient to a degree, and then pass these skills onto the local youths aswell as a huge variety of other ways to help our young people learn some key skills to improve their lives,while also aiming to givr them something to focus in in a safe environment.

I am hoping to start a community group aimed at our local youth group especially focusing on those who are from low income families, those who are being cared for by residential care homes, young victims who have been affected negatively and who just need support to gain life and essential skills to enable them to progress into independent living. Its only now in the early stages of the process and im hoping that with the support of the local community we can give these people a chance to succeed in their future.
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