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 Please be careful in activities with this group as you would any online activity. Use caution and do not click on any suspicious links in any posts. Be careful in giving out personal information. You may wish to wait before giving any personal information except for your anonymous e-mail address until someone has responded to your post and provided assurance to you that they are local and a group member interested in your offer or post. Be careful inviting strangers to come to your home. As an alternative, you may offer to meet nearby. If possible, meet the unknown-to-you group member in a public location such as a busy parking lot or at a business and have another adult with you when meeting the person.

 Rules for Columbus/Lowndes Reuseit:
 1) Please use the following subject headings for posts: OFFER, TAKEN, WANTED, or RECEIVED.

 2) Please do not Re-post an Offer or Wanted more than one time a week. However, please note that members who want to limit e-mail, may change their message setting to receive a Daily Digest of posts rather than individual e-mails.

 3) All Responses to Posts go to the Offerer or Poster. Do not respond to the group.

 4) For messages to the group Moderator or Administrator of Columbus/Lowndes Reuseit, send e-mail to For questions about any post or if you receive responses breaking group rules, contact the moderator at

 5) All items offered must be FREE, LEGAL, and FAMILY or CHILDREN FRIENDLY. Please no selling or bartering; no swapping of goods; no illegal items; and no adult material or pornographic items.

 6) Pets may be offered (for free only), but do this with consideration of the welfare and care of the pet and check out the pet's new home ahead of giving the pet. Do not offer illegal pets or any wildlife unlawful to own or keep as pets.

 7) Do not offer Firearms, Weapons or Ammunition; no Alcohol; no Tobacco products; no Prescription Medicines (Drugs); no potentially dangerous chemicals (i.e. sulfuric acid, ether, etc.); no substance marked or labeled as poisonous; no substance labeled as volatile, flammable, or explosive. The Taker assumes the risk for use of any over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, nutrients or supplements, and health-related products (shampoo, lotion). Taker assumes all risks for using paints and painting related products.

 8) No requests for "cash-in" items, which include the following: Soda pop bottles, aluminum cans, scrap metal, junk cars, old appliances. These items and others are considered profit making and business related items. Such wanted posts will not be accepted.

 9) No spamming other members of the group.

 10) Please No Politics, Rude Responses, Personal Attacks or Name-Calling.

 NOTE: Members breaking any of the above rules may be unsubscribed from the group.

 OFFERING: After you offer an item and receive responses, you do not have to observe a First Response- First Receive rule, but you can choose a person to receive your item. Arrange pick up with taker for your items that best suit you, such as Day, Time, and Place to meet. Whatever works best for both of you. Be considerate of the person receiving the item and keep the appointment as planned.
 RECEIVING: When you have planned to take an item offered through Reuseit, be considerate and responsible in picking up the item or in meeting offerer for pickup. Offerer and Taker may want to share a telephone number to contact in case a problem occurs
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