Electric bike (heanor)

Any but I am quit tall 6ft. But I have arthritis a collapsed back with trapped nerves and a brain tumour ( I know ! When I do it I do it big style) anyway I'm after an electric bike because I want to try and get some of my mobility back. I cant ride a normal bike because my knees won't take the pressure of pushing but with the help of a electric motor I'm hoping to get moving on it. I have been like this for nearly 8 years and in constant pain. I would love another motorcycle but my wife isn't sure I can ride one anymore. So I want to prove I can ride a bike ( with a bit of electrical help) and maybe if I can loose some weight and get my confidence back then you never know about something with a real engine in it. Anyway that's my story and I know it's a big ask but if I could afford an electric bike I would just buy one !!!!! Thank you for taking the time to read my ask ( my big ask ) and have a good day !!!!

Yours Ken Leonardi
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