JVC "prosumer" VHS redord/edit deck and video camera

In Belmont. Son received this from another Freecycler 3 years ago but hasn’t had time to explore using it, so it’s time to pass it on..

Description provided by original Freecycler:

Perhaps of interest to collector or museum of old video technology.

Deck: BR-6200U Camera: GX-N70U

A very sturdy VHS video recording deck with some edit features. This was a portable unit for field production. The video camera plugs into and is powered by the deck (and controls the deck, when you are acquiring video imagery).

Deck comes with NiCd battery, charger/power supply, IR remote control. Camera comes with an attachable wide angle lens adapter. I also have my original backpack carry bag for the deck, allowing me to shoot on the run!

I was the first and only owner of this equipment, purchased in 1985.

The deck might still be of use to someone who has VHS tapes. I doubt the camera is of much use - any smartphone would make videos of twice the resolution and clarity.

The gear worked fine last time I used it, but that was probably twenty years ago!

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