IPad Mini Adapter & Ch (Hamilton Heights)

Today I buried my iPad mini’s adapter & wire AND the surge protector that
failed to protect & surge.(get it? Protect & Serve/surge? Well I think it’s
witty 😜)
Anyhoo now the mini can’t hold a charge (or won’t hold a charge) and I’m
off the grid. I thought I was toast when the thing started sparking and
burning. Luckily I thought I was rubber and figured that the charge would
go right through me as I pulled the adapter out of the outlet. I now have a
lightning bolt scar right on my big toe EXACTLY like Harry Potters, even
if I am a muggle.
I can’t go online for than a half an hour if that much. The power just runs
out. Maybe the mini is toast too so I'm throwing it out to the universe
that if anybody has an adapter, a monster surge protector/outlet, charger
wire and dare I dream it an iPad mini or any kind of tablet I would more
then appreciate it. UPDATE: If you have an iPad mini wire/ charging cable(?) I would gratefully accept that too.
I read a lot now. I don’t like it. I cleaned my house. Like sweeping and
mopping. I like that even less. I’m bored outta ma skull and have been
looking out the window just waiting for something exciting to happen. I
don’t know why; my paramedic days are over but I can scream directions and
critiques to the responding units.
Help me help myself. I’m chasing, catching and cuddling the cats. They hate
it. I don’t care. I’m missing the news, cartoons, and Hoarders. Where will I
get my inspiration to clean now? I talk to myself now. I mean I always did before
but now I’m answering myself back. Nothing good can come from that.
I’d truly appreciate any help. I can try and go anywhere me and my cane can
take me. I’ll just load up on painkillers and charge ahead.
A very gracious Please & Thank You.
Uh ignore any hair or devil horns u may see on the facsimile of another
Harry Potter lightening struck toe.
Have a good night.
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