Collection of textbooks, mostly (Hawkwell SS5)

Not in brilliant condition but all are readable. They've been in my Dad's loft for over 20 years and he's decided to have a clear out.

Field Geology by Frederic H Lahee, 1931 Prelude to Geology by H H Kent, 1947 Introduction to Geology by Arthur E Trueman,1964 The Elements of Hydrostatics by S L Loney, 1918 The Elements of Statics and Dynamics by S L Loney, 1915 The Great Stone Book of Nature by Thomas Ansted, 1863 Our Face from Fish to Man by William Gregory, 1929 Key Facts Passbook - GCE A-Level Biology by H Rapson 1979 Biology of The Mammal by AG Glegg and PC Glegg, 1979 Chambers Shorter Six Figure Mathematical Tables by L J Comrie, 1966 Cottage Economy byb William Cobbett, 1979 The Medieval Economy & Society by M Postan, 1981 Economics of Modern Industry by Percy Ford, 1930 Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
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