many items, including costumes, Christmas decor, Spiderman hat, etc.: 64151, 5 minutes southwest of Metro North

I will be taking a load of things to the thrift shop Angel's Attic at about 71st and N. Broadway, but will give away items here first if anyone wants them. I uploaded to this group some photos to an album called "Miscellaneous items," but it wouldn't accept all of them, and the ones it did accept are oriented incorrectly. Here are some of the things I have to offer:

1. Barbie ballerina tree ornament. Looks good, but her feet are missing. This is not obvious because she is wearing a long tutu skirt. 2. Cute little Rudolph made from a small log and sticks plus a red fluffy ball for a nose. 3. Women's sunglasses with case. 4. Spiderman winter hat. 5. Cherub mobile. 6. Pink dragon (or dinosaur) costume for a child. 7. Shaggy orange pillow. 8. Several bags of various types - gym, satchel, soft luggage for child. 9. Ball caps and visors - some have never been worn, a couple of them are Coca Cola caps. 10. Christmas card holder that spells out the word NOEL with four main pockets with some subdivisions and with dangling ribbons with jingle bells attached.       You hang it on the wall and put your Christmas cards in the pockets. 11. Manual ice shaver for making snow cones. 12. Clown costume for small child. 13. Plain brown blanket. 14. Teddy bear on rocking horse that rocks as music box plays. 15. Various scarves, gloves, and mittens. 16. Pink Power Ranger costume for small child. The gloves have plastic boxes inside that each take 3 button batteries, but I got this from a friend probably 20 years ago and forgot I had it. My daughters never wore the costume, so I don't know for sure what the gloves do if you put batteries in them or even if they still work, but I assume they make some kind of sound. I don't see any lights on them. There is no mask or helmet, which is probably a good idea since that would obscure the vision of a child and create a hazard. 17. Twin sheets that don't fit our new 14 inch mattress.

I'll probably end up with some other things to toss into the mix before long. I have been washing the clothing items, bedding, bags, and caps/visors, either in the washing machine or by hand. We are a non-smoking household. We don't currently have pets, but we have had dogs in the past, and we take care of dogs for friends when they are going out-of-town, so this is not a pet-free household if that matters to you due to allergies.

Margie and Bill
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