Mid-size Countertop Microwave Ovens - East York

Oven needing the bulb is taken.
Two remain.

On 10/5/2019 09:32, DannyRebel wrote:
> I have three microwave ovens to give away. You do not need to take all
> of them. Each one has an issue that you may fix for a little cost. If
> you have an interest in discussing the ovens, their issues, the
> dimensions, manual availability, original box availability, etc,
> contact me. All ovens are clean and undamaged.
> One oven needs a $10 bulb. It works fine in complete darkness though.
> The LED display is not working on another oven. Otherwise, it works fine.
> Finally, an oven that does not activate after pressing start. It is
> possibly a small fuse inside however I do not have the special tool to
> get inside to check.
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