Corner sofa (Hockley SS5)

Brown leather corner sofa
Approx 12 years old.
Good quality (The cushions all stay in the right places and it's really comfortable)
Cushions would benefit form a bit of re-stuffing here & there where they have sunk a little, this would be really easy as they have zips for easy access to the inside.
It has some cracks between the cushions in a few places and the cat has scratched it in a couple of places (see photos) we bought a big bottle of leather dye to disguise this but never got round to doing it it - you would be welcome to the dye as well.
Apart from one immaculately clean cat (That has regular, proper flea prevention from the vet) there have been no animals on it, no one smokes in the house and the sofa is in clean used condition.
Although it's big it isn't particularly heavy and comes apart into 2 sections for moving.

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