Victim of house fire (LakeTalquinHWY20BLOXHAMCUTOFF)

My Father (built it in 1973) and my home of 32 years was recently burned completely to the ground..Thewoodstoves chimney pipe collapsed . We lost everything...My father who once was one of the BEST mastercarpenters was In a car wreck when I was 8, pronounced dead on arrival, he was revived, surviving but leaving home brain injured and permanently disabled,we are unfortunately in need of just about any and everything for a home... We are currently living in a shop/shedthat isnt enclosed...Theres no doors,there is a foundation, it isn't framed, insulated, and no where near ready for the winter weather that is about to come we are in need of any building materials (sheet rock, insulation, handy helper, cable wiring for electricity, we are in definite need of heaters, blankets, winter clothes men's medium sweaters shirts 30/32 pants socks and woman's medium-large t-shirts sweaters jackets size 1012 jeans medium-large sweats socks and any and all warm clothing and materials... thank you and God bless
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