Bike trailer and duvet (E11)

Hello folks,
I'll be very honest with you and Ihave been struggling so much in the past few years, months and especially weeks with housing and work . Some good souls have been so good to me and offered to stay for not too much money on a tinny boat which is exciting as I have a cat that respect and love so much and he needs outdoor. However, I need a bike trailer to move stuff around, to get water, wood, materials, and so on as the boat is really small and requires a lot of work. So if anyone has parts that could help me to build a bike trailer, or bike trailer that you don't use anymore I would be so happy to take it away from your hands. It would massively help. I also need a duvet as the place I am staying at someone has taken my duvet and now it's gone. Weird. It'sa house of two rooms and 4 people in total and my duvet is gone. So if anyone has a spare one or one not in use anymore I would also be happy to take. thank you for reading!


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