Aveda Dandruff Remedy (Leisure World)

Pamper your scalp with this unopened bottle

In your response, please tell me WHEN you can pick up the item. All emails without this info will be trashed. The person who picks it up the soonest gets it. Please meet me at the Leisure World shopping center Burger King. This is located on Georgia Ave, between Rossmoor Blvd and International Drive. I am willing to deliver in Southern MoCo (south of Shady Grove Road.

Things I don’t need to know:
That you don’t have a car and are unwilling to use Zipcar or whatever
That you can’t use Google maps to find the LW Shopping Center
That you wish you could take it but you are too cool to come to the ‘Burbs. Yes I know I’m a lower form of life because I don’t live “in the city”. I grew up in Brooklyn, thanks, I had enough.
Thank you.

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Approximate Location