Ikea Sten shelving (Wollstonecraft)

I have 17 Ikea Sten shelves (shallow depth), plus 8 uprights and necessary screws and 2 cross-braces for a 3 section shelving system.

Same depth as shallow Ikea Gorm shelving. First picture is of a short version I’m using - on offer are full height (approx 1.8m) uprights, similar to second picture but unpainted/untreated.

Sten is sturdier than Gorm, but individual sections can be one or the other. Sten is slightly wider than Gorm equivalents. NOT compatible with current Hejne system, which has different depths and height (and therefore shelf spacing).

Would prefer earlier pickup - can’t leave out, but any night this week or next should be OK, except out of town Sat-Mon next weekend.
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