FOP: Complete Thanksgiving Dinner (VB Rosemont and Silina)

This is a complete (or mostly so) Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 6-8 with leftovers. Intended for a family short of means to put on a nice spread.

12lb frozen Turkey
3-4 lbs potatoes (1/2 a bag just got)
Pepperidge farm stuffing
Packs of Turkey gravy
Canned vegetables (several types and enough for 8)
Pie shell and can of evaporated milk and of Pumpkin (add sugar and spices)
Sticks of butter (real butter)

I'll start answering the requests I get today, tomorrow when I get home from work and pickups can be in the evening about 5pm (I sometimes am home a little earlier and can always pack it up for Husband to hand out earlier than that).

Please let know know estimated date and time of when you'd like to pickup. I generally will not reply without that information.

PS: Reasons are not required but if given, will be taken into account.

Fair Offer Policy applies

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