2 cans of heat and serve soups (VB Rosemont and Silina)

These are 2 types I like and have excess of. Sometimes at the store I look at types for lunch but hold off due to the price until I see a sale, then I get a bulk set at Amazon if I like them. Here's 1 can of each below if any wanted to try them out for free!

Campbells Chunky, Sausage and Pepper Rigatoni: Excellent! 1 can has a little over 2 cups and I split it in 2 microwave containers then take to work for lunch. Hearty and filling. 210 calories per cup.

Progresso, Chicken Cheese Enchilada flavor: Hearty and creamy, also 1 can has a little more than 2 cups which I split as above for work lunches. 150 calories per cup.

Please list an estimated time and date of pickup for a reply.

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