5 Handset 📞, Jewelry 10031 (Hamilton Heights)

1. AT&T Phone System with 5 handsets. Dect 6.0.,Digital answering, caller ID, 100 name memory and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. In excellent condition and 2 of the handsets have never been used.
Holey Moley don’t they look like their lining up for an attack?
2. Metal to the Metal Necklace and Earring Set-has never been worn. No I didn’t make that cheesy name up for it; I save that for my pets. From Avon. Box is old, jewelry is brand new.
A correction; the Apple PowerBook is a G4, not a G5. Model #A1010.
Lookit, when I offer laptops,tablets and such one hopes that it could be restored or upgraded. When I got it it worked great and now not so much. One could repair it or just use it as a learning tool. Or you can open that bad boy up and sell it’s secrets to the Ukraine.
And snarkiness never gets you anywhere.
Once again I’m hoping that these items and hopefully the bulk of the other items in earlier posts can be taken together.
People don’t like leftovers so please take the not so popular stuff along with the “good stuff”.K?
I live 4 blocks from the 145th St. Broadway local #1
I am on the 5th floor but there are only 4 flights.
I never thought that this would have to be said but people don’t bring your babies and /or just a stroller hoping to cram 30 pounds of stuff (and frozen food) into your pockets. It won’t work! Unless you actually LIKE frozen cheese in your pocket. To each his/her own.
I cannot help you up or down the steps. Bring your teen kids, your chihuahua, the neighbor hood watch, BeBe’s kids, the pork police or whoever can help you carry these things home.
Bring your own bags. (Bring some for me too.)
POLITENESS counts and we will both work out when you can come to collect.
I don’t call people. Ever.
Happy Ded Turkey Day!

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