Watches,Kids Stuff 10031 (Hamilton Heights)

Ok, so these items are again available.
Let me reiterate- I cannot help you carry these items. I ALWAYS say bring an unheard amount of bags and an army to help you. That doesn’t mean bring a baby in a stroller and not be able to even climb ONE flight of steps when I’m on the 5th floor.
So these items are once again available for pickup. EVERYTHING PLEASE!!! (I would truly like everything to go at once so I can reclaim the space and give away even more stuff)
If the weather is too bad to come out in today I understand, I will be here tomorrow.
It’s clear ‘em up and move ‘em out time. Magazines , books, a pound of stickers, ombré water bottles, dead (battery dead)but gorgeous watches, computer battery operated Tech Vac, more.
Thinking about becoming a paramedic? This Brady book gives you a look see. Are you a diabetic? Gotta book and some Diabetic mags for you. Hot pink slippers, brand new Hush Puppies sueded shoes and these suckers run small so even though they’re a size 7.5 you need to have size 6-6.5 tootsies, a 5 pnd bag of spicy sausages, a 2 pnd bag of cheddar cheese, probably more.
The navy blue non hush puppies tasseled shoes you see there are a regular size 9 as are the grey loafers.
I added another tablet, very cute new heart glitter socks for girls ( or a boy, I don’t judge), a candy filled light ‘em up fan, some Avon Cucumber Melon Shower Gel, a digital crock pot but without the pot (i sorry, I dropped it!), and a few more things I’m too mad to list. The food goes back in the freezer.
Can you come Today? Do you want EVERYTHING?
Whelp, they’re all yours buckeroos!
I’m in Hamilton Heights, 4 blocks from the 145th St. #1 Broadway local train.
The food is frozen.
Added a frozen pork loin. It’s a pigs loin. I don’t wanna know which part is his/her loin.
You will need many,many bags and your army to carry those bags.
I’m on the top floor of a 5 story walk up but there are only 4 flights.
Be polite. There are always Neanderthals who can’t say “Please & Thank You” but that just makes the choosing easier.
First polite person who can take EVERYTHING gets it all.
Happy Ded Turkey Day!
Remember- bring BAGS, your People/kids, volunteers,BeBe’s kids, BAGS, a camel 🐪, your neighbors kids. This is a lotta stuff!!!
Oh yeah, bring some bags!
If you have any questions just ask. (Except about the pigs loin. I don’t wanna think about a pig out there running around without his loin. I still can’t bring myself to think about legless chickens.)
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