Black Mirror & Printer10031 (Hamilton Heights)

Did you ever watch “Black Mirror” on the BBC? I had to stop watching when I found myself shouting back at the telly with a British accent. I didn’t fool anybody.
And well these mirrors aren’t actually “black”, they’re a deep brown with a hi gloss finish. From Ikea of course. These are like grown kids, you send them away but they just keep coming right back. These are my third set; the first set I repainted in red, black and white. The colors reminded me of really bad disco decor. The second set I painted gold and silver. I think. This is my 3rd day of moving stuff out with no sleep and my brain is more brined than Martha Stewart’s turkey, cornmeal gizzards and sweet breads appetizer. In liver aspic.(Look up what part of the animal sweet breads are from. Stop when you get to your third chorus of “eeeewwwwwwwww”.) And I betcha didn’t know that cornmeal had gizzards.
Anyhoo neighbors moving out would give me these mirrors and frankly if I can’t see a pimple on my back to bust then that mirror is no friend of mine. So now they’re yours! 4 of them , repaint or glitter dome them, everybody’s got a ar-tiste inside of ‘em just waiting to break out.
Item #2 is a HP corded printer. The ink is $ but the prints are fab. I’ve never even used photo paper as the paper prints had such saturated color. But hey use what you have; butt printing only requires the blank side of a sheet of paper.
I’m 4 blocks from the 145th St. Bwy #1 local train station.
I’m on the 5th floor of a walk up but there are only 4 flights.
Make sure you can climb up and back down those steps with no help from me.
How about manners?Just plain and simple manners.
If I don’t get back to you it might mean that I’m that I’m still emptying my apt. to within a inch of its life, in the loo or drooling whilst power napping with my cats. Or I just don’t wanna talk to you.
Oh yeah the 3rd or 4th pic is one cat trying to filch some of my Captain Crunch. I was just too tired to pour some milk over the Captain or down my cats throat.
And I will NOT give anybody ALL 40 + bottles of cologne. That’s just wrong.
Bring a bag.
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