Laminate flooring underlay boards (Totterdown BS4)

I recently removed some laminate flooring and there were some underlay boards underneath that someone might have a use for. There are 2 of these left (some have already been taken), they're about 7mm thick and measure 86 x 59cm.

Note that these are not floorboards - they won't hold much weight - they are underlay for a laminate floor.

I also have some simpler cardboard-type flooring sections that were being used as underlay for a carpet that I recently removed. There are 4 of these, they are about 3mm thick and measure 79xm x 59 cm. These may be useful to someone laying a new carpet on a floor that's not quite level.

I'm happy to give all of this to the same person, also happy if you want only some of these.

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