The Sweet Smellies 10031 (Hamilton Heights)

“Spoilers, Sweetie” Oh how I do miss River Song and the men in the blue box (oh right, now there’s a lady in the blue box! )
So here’s the “sweet side” of the Smellies, the fruity ones, the ones that make grown men cry (for mercy from too much sweet perfume) and prego’s retching and running away from you on the train. No one is supposed to smell you coming next week.
And seriously listen if a stranger offers to buy you a new perfume- called “UNSCENTED”.
So we got some Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin, BBW Chocolate Amber, BBW Cotton Blossom (I tried rubbing cotton balls all ova ma bodi but it wasn’t the same, hmmm), at least 5 Dove Body Sprays, the healing garden relax therapy, well you get the picture.
Spray your perfume in the air and then run through the mist. Don’t spray as if you were going through a car wash. I remember getting in my ambulance one day, taking a whiff and saying “oh I see Biff was working last nite” and my partner saying “no, it was 2 nites ago”. I quietly taped a bar of Ivory soap to his time card. Then all of the ER staff and even the patients signed their initials.
BTW, cleaning out my perfume drawer, does anybody know if 30 year old cough drops would still work? Tropical Sensation? The bag is unopened, think I could get a refund? (The drops were bought waaaay before the perfumes)
I am 4 blocks from the 145th St. Broadway local #1 train.
I am on the 5th floor of a walk up but there are only 4 flights.
Bring bags folks and take 2,3 or 4 bottles while you take home some other goodies from previous posts.
Make sure you can walk up and then back down my steps before asking for anything.
Be Polite!
And I don’t call people.
Happy Ded Turkey Day!
(Notice how I put the bottles in a rainbow ombré order? It’s cuz I’m special like that.)
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