Apple G4 laptop,Fabric 10031 (Hamilton Heights)

CLARIFICATION!-This is a G4 (four) Apple Laptop and it needs to be fixed and UPGRADED and will not be up to present day Apple specs. This is a old model but once YOU fix it I’m sure that it can be used in some capacity. The same with the ASUS (no No, not you Jesus! Geez Louise!) It is a more recent tablet but it will STILL have to be fixed and upgraded. PEOPLE please read my ENTIRE posts before breaking a finger to email me for for first dibs for something you might not be able to use in its present condition. These 2 items are for someone who is not expecting to use them right away but is looking forward to fixing these suckers up. I’m on a tear; a medium personal crisis; some minimalist way of life/living videos on YouTube and I wanna try and get rid of as much stuff as I can. Even the cats if they don’t get a job. -So yeah, a 19??/20?? Apple G4 laptop. Go ahead and laugh. Get it all out. When I wasn’t able to use my mini IPad because of a (still) broken cord I got mighty desperate. Reaching through a hoarder portal in the depths of my closet I found these computer/tablet relics. After electronically assaulting the G4 in numerous ways in came on and laffed at me. Then it turned itself off. True story. All of the million cords, cables and a possible gateway back to a place known as “old tech hell” are included. -There’s a beautiful Asus (ASUS, not HEYZOOS, no no, not you Jesus) tablet hanging around here somewhere that is gorgeous with a so-called smudge proof screen. The screen is cracked though and it won’t come on. If I find it you can take that too. Just send me a pic please of the super clear screen after you’ve fixed it. I really liked using it. -Lemme see, oh yes a bounty of mixed fabric samples that I rescued from a design firm. Mostly beauteous material and some ugly I mean “different” cuts, I tried to put them on my cats and they threw cat litter at me. USED cat litter. Anyhoo please come and get them. I even threw in a hot pink sparkly number of my own. There are some small pieces that are stunning and deserve to be seen. Pics are included in this post. -4 Restoration Hardware catalogues. If you like griege (gray and beige) elegant, depressed decor then you will enjoy these. Crystal chandeliers, leathered headboards, furnishings that are stunning but are screaming for some Mardi Gras carnival colors. Take these please. I am seriously looking for someone, anyone, to take everything I am offering. If these things stay here then I will just end up frittering them away again. So... 1 Apple G4 Laptop that will laff at you. I swear. 1 MIA w/cracked screen, refusing to come on. 1 bag of fabulous material that will set your design soul on fire. 4 Restoration Hardware catalogs in excellent condition begging for adoration. And some freaking color. There will be more. I live 4 blocks from the 145th St. Bwy local # 1 train. I am on the 5th floor of a walk up but there are only 4 flights. Manners, some decorum are required, not just grunts saying “ I want your stuff, where you at.” PLEASE come ASAP and take these things away. I Don’t call anyone and you can’t make me. Please & Thank You. HEy! I found the ASUS!! (Not HEYZOOS) P.S.- I’ve added 2 items to the bag of fabric- 1. Mini spool of corded fabric in turquoise, 🍏 green apple, black and white 2. Sequined, sparkly trim.

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