Tons of Good Smellies 10031 (Hamilton Heights)

What we have here is a plethora, a basketful, a boatload,a mountain, a bushel, a multiplicity, a bundle and a crapload of colognes, perfumes and vapor pour Le Corps which I think means come and “vaporize your body”. Yup that’s what 2 whole years of french gets you.
(Please don’t email me the actual translation, after all I did take french for 2 years, Bone-jur)
After spray testing about 25+ bottles of body sprays some folks would say it smells delightful in here.
Other people would say it smells like a overdose in Macy’s perfume counters.
Ma mama would say it smells like a uh hure house.
This particular collection are the earth essences-Avon’s Fantastic Day Wildflowers, Doves Go Fresh (Grapefruit & Lemongrass), Avon’s Aqua Rush, Bodycologys Perfect Cotton, Bath&Body Works Dancing Waters and well you get the picture. Wanna smell like the Sun and the Moon and everything in between? Well come here and get your smell on.
Ew. I cannot be hip.
I told you all that I was on a tear. So now almost all of these some barely used smellies have got to go. Some of these were a blast from my going out tonite past. Others made me think that I didn’t pick my nose enough before I went perfume shopping.
I’ll tear up some sheets of paper for smell tests (ya’ll know that that doesn’t really work, right?) Didn’t something that smelled good in the store make you gag when you got home and made you wanna go back to that perfume counter and smack the counter girl really, really hard?
Whelp here you smell it you bought it. ( mods this is just a saying, these things are free, k?)
Take 4 or 5 or 6 and get a free something, we’re still working that part out.
I’m 4 blocks from the 145th St. Broadway #1 local train.
I’m on the 5th floor but there are only 4 flights. And if you come here for any of the other goodies feel free to sniff and spray and then go away with a treasure.
Politeness as always counts.
Bring a bag.
I don’t call folks. Ever.
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